03 October 2011

Aire Barcelona 2011 & 2012 Wedding Gown Collection

I nearly fell out of my chair (or should I say "off my couch" because I was sitting on my couch, haha) when I came across these gowns. AH-MAZE-ING! Just look at them! I may be a little biased because my heart just melts at the sight of lace, ruffles, and layers (but not always all at the same time). I was unable to find the price range for these gowns on the Aire Barcelona website, but The Knot has them listed between $1500-$3000. My sister was thinking that these gowns were in upwards of $15,000 but boy were we surprised. I definitely think you getting the bang for the buck with these Aire Barcelona gowns. Aire Barcelona has exclusive stores in Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey, Romania, Costa Rica, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, and Portugal and are currently in the process of opening a store here in the U.S. - specifically, Miami, Florida. There are, however, many bridal stores nationwide that carry Aire Barcelona gowns.

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