21 October 2011

Johnny Appleseed Inspired Shoot by Lukas VanDyke Photography

I am head over heels over this Johnny Appleseed Inspired Shoot featuring Mrs. Appleseed. Mr. Appleseed was probably out picking more apples or something, but that's okay because Lukas VanDyke Photography captured Mrs. Appleseed just perfect. A styled shoot with loads of juicy red apples and a scrumptious looking apple pie, this shoot is just ah-mazing. And I can't stop staring at the florals by Lisa Martin of  Violet Opus - what a great combination of flower. I think this shoot provides great inspiration for anyone who loves apples (like me!) and is planning to spice up their engagement session or wedding. Thank you Lukas and Susannah for sharing this beautiful inspirational shoot with Le Magnifique! And a big thanks to all the vendors involved!
Inspiration behind the shoot (from Susannah VanDyke): The inspiration for this shoot originated when Lukas & I were at Fishy Finds, and we found an old quilt, a bushel, and an old straw hat. Immediately I envisioned a cool bushel-of-apples type shoot. A few weeks later, Lukas found an adorable vintage lace wedding dress online. He then started imagining a story from Johny Appleseed- What if there had been a Mrs. Appleseed?! Lukas did some research online and found out that the real Johnny Appleseed had traveled a great distance to propose to a woman he loved—only to find that he was a day late; she had just accepted the proposal of another. We imagined that Johnny went on to find his true love and the Mrs. Johny Appleseed shoot took off from there!

 Photography: Lukas VanDyke Photography
Flowers: Lisa Martin of  Violet Opus 
Style Coordination: Lianna Green of Elbee Designs 
Modeling: Jen Boschma 
Hair & Makeup: Josh Rivas of Profiles Salon 
Apple Pie: Julia Casebolt

Lukas and Susannah were kind enough to provide us with behind the scenes footage of the shoot. It's a pretty neat video, don't forget to check it out!

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