07 November 2011

2 years.

I wanted to reserve today's post for a personal one. It's a special day in my life because 2 years ago today, I married my best friend. Ovi and started dating in January 2006, got engaged in December of 2008, and then married the following year in November 2009. It's now November 2011, and we're celebrating our second wedding anniversary! I know only it's only two years but it's still so very exciting for me. The whole idea of sharing my life and myself with such an incredible man, for the rest of my life, is just amazing. God has truly blessed me with someone who loves me unconditionally, someone who could put up with me (because Lord knows how difficult I can be), and someone as hardworking and inspiring as my husband.

In the two years I've been married, I've learned a ton of things. I've learned that you will have hard times, low times, and sad times in addition to happy times. Things won't always go your way. He will forget to take out the trash and leave their dirty clothes on the bathroom floor. He will get water and toothpaste on the bathroom mirror and forget to wipe it down or put an empty cereal box back in the pantry. He won't always arrange the couch pillows the right way, with the zipper on the bottom. He'll want to hang out with his friends from time to time. You two might bicker about the most mundane things in the universe. But the most important thing I learned is letting go of the pride and forgiving and loving one another like Christ loved his church. You don't go running away when things get hard. You don't stay mad at one another because someone left the fridge door open. You learn to forgive and love. You learn to communicate. It's not easy at first but it does get better. I'm just so fortunate and blessed to have someone who loves me so much and won't give up on us. So, happy 2 years to us and to many, many more :)

Marriage is a promise. Not just between the couple but to 
the community at large, to generations past and to those yet to be born. 
- Anonymous

My brother, on leave for my wedding, came all the way from Egypt. I love this photo (even though the second photographer is in the background - hehe).

My love and I

The question is asked, "Is there anything more
beautiful in life than a young couple clasping handsand pure hearts in the path of marriage? Can there beanything more beautiful than young love?"And the answer is given. "Yes, there is a morebeautiful thing. It is the spectacle of an old man and anold woman finishing their journey together on that path.Their hands are gnarled, but still clasped; their faces areseamed, but still radiant; their hearts are physicallybowed and tired, but still strong with love and devotion forone another. Yes, there is a more beautiful thing thanyoung love. Old love."
- Anonymous

Photographer: Tibi Fodor
Ceremony Venue: Bethel Romanian Pentecostal Church (our church)
Forals: my aunt
Bridal gown + veil & Bridemaids dresses: Alfred Angelo
Bolero: Alfred Angelo (sleeves were taken off)
Groom's tux and groomsmen's suits: Friar Tux

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