16 November 2011

Featured Couple: Amy & Daniel | A Berkeley Engagement Session by Hanh Nguyen Photography

I love hearing about a couple's love story. It's always wonderful to hear about who they are as individuals, how they met, and how he proposed. Listen to this love story: Daniel from Malawi, Amy from Fountain Valley, CA (a local, woop woop, hehe). Daniel attended the high school Amy now teaches at. But that's not where they met. They met in college, during a hosted "game night" (which I love) and a proposal a few years later. A sweet love story photographed by the love Hanh Nguyen Photography... meet Daniel & Amy:

Daniel was born in Lilongwe, Malawi. He moved to Fremont, CA when he was 13 years old and attended the high school where Amy now teaches. Daniel attended UC Berkeley for his undergraduate degree and Santa Clara University for his law degree. Daniel touched his first volleyball in high school and hasn't stopped playing since. In his spare time, Daniel also enjoys snowboarding, reading, hiking and doing triathlons. Amy was born in Fountain Valley, CA. She attended UC Berkeley for her undergraduate degree and earned her Masters at Santa Clara University. Amy is currently a high school math teacher and plans to become a high school Principal in the future. In her spare time, Amy enjoys snowboarding, playing board games and doing triathlons.

How they met:
Dan was a Resident Assistant at the dorms in Berkeley hosting a "Game Night" during the first week of school. Amy, a bright eyed freshman, couldn't pass up an opportunity to play some competitive board games. For those who don't know this couple, the two tend to be competitive, so it should come as no surprise that by the end of the evening, Amy and Dan were among the last few people left fiercely engaged in rounds of Mafia and Taboo. This was the combustive start of their blossoming friendship and although they dated briefly that year, the sparks didn't ignite until several years later.

Proposal story:  
Tahoe is one of our special places. It was one of our very first real vacations together when we started dating. It was the place where Dan taught Amy how to snowboard. It the place where we made many awesome snowboarding trips with friends. It was the place of our first "I love you." Naturally, I thought that this would be an ideal place for us to make another special memory and special it was. After a full day of snowboard, Dan took Amy to lunch and some dessert at Northstar Village. He lead her to take a seat in a romantic alleyway with some tables next to an ice skating rink. After some chatting, Dan decided now was the time and he took out the ring and asked Amy to spend the rest of their lives together. Amy was so shocked she actually said, "No, no...don't do it." Although it wasn't the reaction Dan expected, he knew by the look on her face that she meant yes. Of course, Amy eventually clarified that she was accepting and she did say "Yes!"

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