04 November 2011

Month in review: October's Top Five

Happy Friday! It's a gloomy day out here in southern California. I woke up to rain! Can you believe that? Almost didn't know what to do! It's not all that bad, honestly. I just wish I was at home, cuddled up on the couch with with the hubby and Nala, sipping on hot cocoa, and watching a movie- like Step Brothers (for the hundredth time) or Bridesmaids. Who wouldn't want to be doing that? Only, not with my hubby or furkid and definitely not on my couch, because that would be weird. Anyway, this post was supposed to go up on November 1st, but it didn't, so it's going up now. 

October was an insanely good first month. I briefly blogged about the stats here. We finished the month of October with 12,656 'pages views'. 'Unique visits' was just under 10,000 views. Amazing! A HUGE thank you to all who stopped by the blog and continue to check Le Magnifique on a daily basis! YOU rock! *hug*

In addition to sharing our goal-breaking numbers, I also want to share October's Top Five. These are full-features that were viewed the most, Facebook "liked" the most, and/or had the most comments.

Diana Lupu Photography | For full feature, click here.

Lukas VanDyke Photography | For full feature, click here.

Stacy Hart Photography | For full feature, click here.

Simply D Photography | For full feature, click here.

Toni Lynn Photography | For full feature, click here.

I'm so very thankful for all the photographers who shared their work with me. We have a ton more lined up for this month, so please stay tuned!

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