01 November 2011

Tuesday Inspiration: Creative Ring Photographs

One of my favorite types of photography is detail photography. I love seeing photographs of all the elements that make up an entire event. A lot of times, couples spend a lot of money on certain elements (such as florals, rings, shoes, etc...) and it would be a shame not to have those photographed. So a couple weeks ago, I created a request for creative rings shots and here were a few of my favorites:

I love this short story Ilana of Ilana Bauer Photography from Germany shared with me:
"My husband is German and I am American and we often joke about the subtle (and not so subtle) cultural differences, which we encounter on a daily basis. When we had our wedding bands engraved we decided to honor these differences by including my name and the American date format on his ring, and my husband's name and the German date format on my ring. I wanted to capture this personal touch when I photographed the bands at our American wedding (we even had two weddings, one in Germany also)."  
Ilana Bauer Photography 

Katherine Newman Photography

Anda Photography

Closer To Love Photography

Emily Hall Photography

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