21 December 2011

Featured Couple: Leah & Nathan | A Washington engagement session by Toni Lynn Photography

I'm not a snow-type of girl and it's mainly because I can't handle the cold. No joke. Ironically, I was proposed in the snow- go figure. But it was the sweetest proposal ever. Despite the fact that I'm not a fan of the snow, I love shoots that take place in the snow! I live in Southern California and we don't get snow here so it's nice to see a change of scenery in some of the sessions we receive. Toni Lynn Photography did an amazing job on Leah and Nathan's winter engagement session. One of the sweetest sessions I've seen. Grab a warm cup of hot chocolate and sit down and enjoy!

From Leah: Nathan and I were both born and raised in Lynden, WA. I currently work as a nursing assistant and I am going to school for Medical Assisting and Nathan builds custom homes for deBoer Construction. We both LOVE the outdoors! Our vacations usually fall between fishing season or any hunting season to spend our time off of work in the 30 degree weather in a tent. (: Nathan loves snowboarding and it has always been a major hobby of his, and he insists that I will one day too take up the sport. Maybe I will get over the fear of tumbling down the mountain one day, but for now I stick the the bunny hill.
Everyone has really cute stories of how they met, but honestly Nathan and I don't. He was a friend of a friend and somewhere down the line we ended up meeting each other. The only thing I think was cute about the whole thing was the night I met him, I looked at my friend and told her that one day I would date him. Turns out it was true because now I get to spend the rest of my life with him.
The night Nathan proposed to me I had gotten off of work and came to his house to be surprised with my favorite meal ever, which happens to be breakfast! But when I walked in the door he had candles lit and a movie ready to watch. He kept on getting up through the movie and walking from the other room and back and finally came up to the couch and got down on not one knee, but two and asked me to marry him. And it was the best way a man could propose simple yet sweet.

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