22 December 2011

A Romania Wedding by Cristian Ana Photography [Part I]

Sergiu & Alexandra's beautiful vintage wedding and love story is sure to capture your heart. I feel somewhat connected to this sweet wedding, which was photographed by Cristian Ana Photography, because I, just like Sergiu & Alexandra, am Romanian (okay, I was born here and that would make me Romanian-American). There is so much to love about this wedding; the dress, the suit, the hair piece, the bride & groom portraits - everything. I'm so excited to finally share this wedding with you! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

P.S. There is a second part to this wedding (the "after-wedding" shoot) which will be featured in January.. so stay tuned!
From the bride: 13th of August, the most special day, the day we have always dreamed about…

Our story began on a summer day when I met Sergiu, an unusually special man. We have had a relationship for about 2 years, during which we had our ups and downs, but in which we grew up together, and on the 25th of December I was proposed to and I said YES.

The preparations for the wedding began about a month before. We worked together for the ballroom decorations and we met obstacles that didn’t let us have the wedding of our dreams. But we didn’t give up and, in the end, everything turned out the way we wanted to. Because we don’t come from families with big incomes, we tried to organize the wedding with the little money we had. The wedding dress was custom made. It wasn’t a fashion designer that created my dress, but a friend, who understood my wish and created a dress just like I wanted. The shoes I wore had been bought from a shopping complex. Being from Romania, I didn’t have many choices, I wanted a certain kind of shoes, unusual for a bride, but in the end I found what I wanted. Surprisingly, no trade mark fashion store had what I wanted, but I found what I needed in a small shop named Jack&Jones, Vero Moda. My wreath and bouquet were also custom made at the Sunflower flower shop. We found the groom tuxedo a week before the wedding; being an unusual tuxedo it was difficult for us to find it. All the components for the tuxedo were bought from Zara Man and H&M.

Although we struggled to have a special, out-of-the-ordinary wedding, we couldn’t have done it all without our photographers from Cristian Ana Photography.

With much effort and struggle we managed to have the wedding we dreamed about, an out-of-the-ordinary wedding. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that our wedding was classified as Wedding of the Year in 2011. All in all it was worth the effort. To us it was a very special day in which we had an extraordinary time together with our friends and family. We hope you have enjoyed it as well.

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