04 January 2012

Featured Couple: Cari & Morgan | A Southern California Engagement Session by Kristen Booth Photography

There is so much to love about this Southern California engagement session by the talented Kristen Booth. A beautiful and in-love couple who also loves the Lord, can it get better than that? Oh, and you can't forget about the gorgeous Southern California light. Ah-maze-ing. Thank you Kristen for sharing Cari & Morgan's e-session! These photos are truly beautiful.
Tell us about yourselves: 
Morgan: From Northern California (Red Bluff). He moved to Southern CA to go to Med School. Morgan will be graduating in May 2012 to become a doctor in the Family practice field. His hobbies are: snowboarding, rock-climbing, hiking, mountain biking, doing mission trips to help serve those in need, listening to worship music, going to Christian concerts, going to baseball games (Go Giants!), watching his 49ers play football, etc.  
Cari: From Southern California. Works in the Financial industry. My hobbies are exercising, jogging, hiking, going to the beach, shopping, listening to worship music, serving at church by making care packages for our troops, reading the Bible, going to baseball games (Go Angels!), watching sports (love watching football and baseball) etc.
How did you two meet? 
We met at church (Calvary Chapel). After we began dating, I found out that Morgan had his eye on me just as much as I had my eye on him. haha... We had scoped each other out at church for a couple of months before we ever spoke to each other. We both wanted to see from a distance how the other person worshipped, were they paying attention to the message, etc. It was important to both of us that God comes comes first and everything else in life is second. Morgan had shared with one of his friends while seeing me worship that he hoped to meet somebody like me someday. Eventually I was sitting in church and Morgan had come in late (which is how I often saw where he sat..this helped me keep my eye on him! haha) and there was some empty seats behind me. Morgan and two friends sat behind me which I didn't know until greeting time at church. I turned around to greet people behind me and realized it was him. During the message while I was taking notes I dropped my pen (not on purpose, but after it happened I thought that was a great way to interact with him! I'd like to take credit for coming up with that great idea, but it truly just slipped out of my hand). Morgan so kindly picked it up and gave it to me. This opened the door for him to talk to me after the service. And the rest is history! =)
How did he propose? 
Morgan took me to Laguna Beach on April 16th 2011 and we had lunch at one of our favorite outdoor restaurants. After we ate, we walked around the beach until he found a secluded area on the beach (in like a cove area) and he put out a blanket for us to sit on. He had mentioned that one of his friends bought us a relationship book and that he wanted to read it with me. So Morgan pulled out this book in which he proceeded to turn the first page which said: "For my Wife--Cari (he had wrote my name next to it), The Truest Thoughts of My Heart About Our Life Together. Dates 4-16-11 To Forever! Then as I turned the page there was a picture of us that we took at Disneyland when we first started dating and he wrote above the picture "The Story of Us." The following pages had pictures of us through-out our dating relationship, places we've been,fun things we did together, favorite memories. The last page said: "But My Most Favorite Day Is This".... I then turned the page and he had a picture that he recently took that had sea shells in the sand that said "Marry Me?"

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  1. Great job Booth! Had fun second shooting this wedding with you. Cari is a dancing MACHINE!

  2. That is so neat! The pictures are beautiful!


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