09 January 2012

A Southern California Wedding by D. Park Photography

There is so much to like about this Southern California wedding photographed by D. Park Photography. First off, Brenda & Scott's love for one another is truly evident through these photos. On top of that, they are so cute together! Definitely want to hug them :). Second, all the details, the venue, everything... simply gorgeous! One lovely detail about this wedding: Scott, the groom, is the grandson of the founder of the Crystal Cathedral! I used to attend this church growing up and there was always something to take away from each service I attended. So when I received this submission, I was super excited and couldn't wait to share it. Hope you enjoy this lovely wedding as much as I have! 
Describe how you felt during the first look: 
Bride: Nervous, nervous, nervous! Even though I had seen Scott a million times in the past, I knew this time would be different. It was the first time I would truly see him as the man I would spend the rest of my life with. He looked so handsome and we were both so nervous but it was a joyful nervousness. I knew we were meant to be together, and although I had no idea what the future had in store for us, I was so happy and so thankful for such a wonderful man. 
Groom: Wow!!!!! God has been good to me!
Which vendor was your highest priority? 
Photography! We had decided not to hire a videographer, so we knew we needed to hire the best photographers out there. As cliche as it may sound, a picture IS worth a thousand words. And our wedding day needed to be captured by the best in the business! Someday we would show these pictures to our kids and they would show them to their kids. So it was very important for us to have great pictures to match the great memories we shared on our wedding day. A friend referred us to D. Park Photography and when we saw their work, we knew we had to hire them!

What was your favorite moment? 
Our first dance: Scott is extremely tall (6'7) and I am extremely short (5'1). We get funny stares everywhere we go, but it's something we've grown used to. As a result, our height difference makes it very difficult to dance with each other! During the planning phase we had debated back and forth whether we were going to dance. We didn't want to feel awkward and we certainly didn't want to look awkward. The night before the wedding I emailed Phil (the jazz band singer) that we had decided to dance after all. It was such a last minute decision but I am so glad we did it. Upon entering the reception area, the music started, and Scott and I danced our first dance while everyone cheered. It was such an sweet, intimate moment; it felt like we were the only ones in the room, and to out relief we pulled it off despite our height difference.


Photography: D. Park Photography
Catering: Above All Catering
Wedding Gown: Allure 

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