11 January 2012

A Versailles & Oscar Wilde inspired engagement session by Bit of Ivory Photography

Kim & Ly became engaged in Versailles, France in early 2011 and wanted a Versailles-inspired picnic for their engagement session. Kim also loves Oscar Wilde and so they had a bit of his influence in the reading material. During this session, Ly, the groom, gave Kim her new engagement ring! - from the Chelsea of Bit of Ivory Photography.
Ly and I were both born in Vietnam and raised in Virginia. I'm a manager at a family salon and Ly currently works there as well. Come April, he'll be enlisted into the world's finest Navy. =) Eating, cooking, traveling, and more eating are among some of our favorite things! I know some people say that opposites attract but in our case, we are so similar, it's a little scary. Lol!
We first met in the early 90's. His family knew mine and his little sister and I were in the same play group. Our first encounter together was not your typical romantic kind. I was six, Ly was ten and I distinctly remember a door being slammed in my face after asking if his sister could come out and play. Eight years later we ran into each again and the rest is history. He did apologize eventually for slamming that door and promises to spend the rest of his life making it up to me. =D
The proposal: 
After 9 years[!] together we both realized it was time to grow up and take the next step in our relationship. Yes, I mean marriage. But before we had to grow up and settle down, we decided to go out with a bang! Thus, began the planning of our amazing European adventure! Seven weeks, four countries, and twelve cities! Our second stop on the trip was Paris. Dreamy, beautiful, magnificent Paris! We saw the Eiffel Tower, explored the Louvre, and ate at so many amazing restaurants! My favorite though, was Versailles. Before the trip we, of course, had discussed getting engaged and planning a wedding. We went to pick out rings but he made me agree to leave the asking up to him. Suspicion led me to believe that he would do it on the trip but before we left he confessed that he wasn't able to get the one that I had my heart set on so I just pushed the thought of it happening in Europe to the back of my mind. The day that we spent in Versailles was incredibly hot and balmy. Much too warm for April. Due to all of the crazy weather changes I caught a cold and was incredibly grumpy that day. Ly was also a little on edge. We spent most of the morning touring the palace in silence. Purposely not talking to one another because we were in our "moods." It finally cooled down in the late afternoon. As we made our way out into the gardens I was beginning to feel better. We walked through Marie Antoinette's hamlet and the grounds. Everything was gorgeous! Eventually, we stumbled upon the Grotto and found a small trail which led to a clearing. It was like stumbling onto a hidden secret. From the top of the clearing we could see the chapel in the distance and the waterfall underneath. Truly breathtaking! I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures thinking to myself "This would be the perfect spot for a proposal!" I heard Ly rustling in his bag behind me and asked him "Can we please make this "our" spot?" as I turned around I see him down on one knee, ring in hand and saying "It's ours now." I feel bad for not remembering every word he said to me that day because I was too busy freaking out but I'll always remember him saying, "I'll always be here for you. To love you and to always make each moment our own." When Ly asked me what my dream engagement would be like, I could never answer him. I've always told Ly just to do it when it most compels him. He carried that ring around in his pack for two weeks before he proposed. Confessing that there were a couple of other moments when he was about to do it, but something didn't feel right, until then. Not only did he get it right, but it was truly perfect. I couldn't have dreamed it better!

Kim & Ly's save-the-date by The Girl Tyler:

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  1. OooOOooo!! I'm so excited! We never expected to be blogged!! =D

    We had such a fun time working with Chelsea, Tyler, and Martin.(The Girl Tyler) The day was long but filled with lots of laughter. <3

  2. OoOOoo!! We never expected to be blogged! =)

    We had so much fun working with Chelsea, Tyler and Martin.(The Girl Tyler) The day was long but definitely filled with lots of laughter! <3


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