02 February 2012

A Botswana, Africa love story by Fify Loewen Photography

They met on a basketball court in 2004 but didn't really talk much then. But in 2009, the reconnected and started a relationship that blossomed into what they have today. Meet Eddy & Yaa. A sweet and loving couple from Botswana, Africa. The lovely Fify Loewen photographed their styled engagement session. Thank you Fify for sharing this engagement session with me!

From Eddy:

The proposal happened on the day of my graduation (9th October 2010). I had made a vow a year earlier that if I graduated, I would propose to her on the same day. Only my close friends knew about this. Being a person who always looks to signs, I told myself that if my parents and her mother were all present for my graduation dinner, I would definitely go ahead with it. On the eve, I asked Shey (my best man to be), to help me with the purchase of the ring, as I was out and about getting things ready for the dinner. And on the day, everything was in place. My father had flown two days before, just for the graduation, and her mother, who was still recovering from an operation, also made it. The ring was beautiful, and for those were enough signs that this was the right thing to do, and at the right time. I was asked to give the vote of thanks, and every one was gathered. I went down on one knee, can't really remember what I said, then I pulled out the ring. There was a lot of cheering, and crying, but the 'yes' came, after 5 minutes. Note that not one of my parents knew about it. I had dropped plenty of hints, but they didn't catch it I guess. Also, the funniest thing happened. She had used his girlfriend (who has super tiny fingers) to try the ring on, so when I slipped it on Yaa's finger, it stopped half way! That was funny, and the most memorable moment of the night...

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