14 February 2012

A Laguna Beach Engagement Session by Bethany Belle Photography

Meet Ashley (who is a stylist) and Eric. They met at church, served in the youth ministry together, had mutual friends but never really spent much time together. Ashley was instantly drawn to Eric because of the love he displayed for the Lord that she hadn't really seen in guys his age. Add in his incredible sense of humor and Ashley was hooked. This lovely Laguna Beach engagement session was photographed by the sweet and lovely Bethany Belle. Thank you Bethany for sharing these sweet images with me! Happy Valentine's Day y'all!

In the summer of 2008, we began to spend a lot of time together with all of our friends. Now we call it "the summer of love". ;) We slowly got to know each other, and discovered how much we had in common. Along with our love for Jesus Christ, we would talk about books, music, film, and anything else that came up. Eventually, Eric sat me down one evening and sweetly told me, "I like you." From there, we were inseparable! It's been about three years since that night, and we've experience quite a few ups and downs, but we have always known we wanted to be together. We love to just hang out with each other and our relationship is filled with laughter, which we both love. We look forward to growing together with every new year and discovering new things, places, and just having a blast!

He says: She is just so lovable! I love her loveliness, lovability, she is just gorgeous, hot, humble, and holy. She's such a smart, intelligent girl, and her tender and warm hearted, kind and gentle spirit are amazing.
She says: He is incredibly funny and so so sweet! He is a great romantic and it shows through his thoughtfulness and kind spirit. He is a great man of God and always puts me first, attending to my every need. Chivalry is also definitely NOT dead with this one, he never lets me open a door, pay for anything, or even carry heavy things. I just love his heart!
Eric is incredibly romantic so he planned an entire, very detailed evening catered around what we love to do. I was starting an important quarter for school the next day, so my mind was completely preoccupied and I had no clue what was coming. Now, I absolutely love Disney. I love everything Disney and Disneyland and DisneyWorld... in short, I love the magic, and am a Disney-head. Now, Eric, knowing this, decided to take me to see The Lion King in 3D, as it had been out and he knew I wanted to see it. This was a GREAT start to the evening! After we got out of the movie, we drove down to downtown Claremont, where we just love to go. As we drove down the main street to get downtown, I noticed a banner on the side of the road that read,"SAY YES". I chuckled to myself and thought, "Nooo, he wouldn't propose today, that must just be a coicidence." I had no idea what else was coming. He treated me to dinner at our absolute favorite place, a Spanish hole-in-the-wall gem called Viva Madrid. But before we shared some tapas and pallella, we went next door to a music store called Rhino Records. We browsed and sampled music, and lo' and behold, our song begins to play on the store wi-fi! Eric had planned ahead with the employees and asked them to play it when we came in. It was a sweet moment and the employees completely pulled it off. After walking around the record store, then having some dinner, we grabbed some coffee at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, where, once again, Eric had already arranged for the employees to set something up for us! Eric is a great writer and poet, and he typed up a poem especially for me to read that day. At this point, though, Eric couldn't figure out how to get me to read the poem posted on the store's bulletin board! Eventually, he resorted to telling me, "I don't know how else to tell you this, but there's something up for you to read over there." At this point, I knew what was going down. I wanted to play along, though, so that each moment would be special, and so I wouldn't take the wind out of his sails! The poem was sentimental and so sweet, and had "Eric" written all over it. For the final phase of the proposal, Eric suggested we go for a walk. He had kept looking at his phone the entire evening, which is something he never does. At this point, he led me around, and seemed to be confused on where exactly he was going! Little did I know, he had originally planned on proposing at an adorable French bistro (I also love all things French!), but after that option didn't work out, he now had to renavigate to a new place our friends had set up, but we'll get to that later. We finally headed to a little train station right downtown. Everything was closed at this point, so we wandered for a bit while Eric tried to find our spot. Soon he grew a bit frustrated and just asked me, "Do you see candles anywhere??" And the search began! We finally spotted them in front of the train station door. About thirty little tea candles,sitting, waiting for us. Unfortunately, the breeze took a toll and blew almost all of them out before our arrival! But, Eric, unmoved, just stated, "Well, they were supposed to be lit, but nothing's stopping me now." He proceeded to get down on one knee, and popped the question! I, of course, said yes, and bawled like a baby, and here we are! Now, I absolutely must give credit here where credit is due. While Eric was spending time with me, our dear friends, Christian and Stacey Rodriguez, were helping set everything up. They were the ones who posted the banner, the poem, spoke with the Rhino Records employees again, and set up the candles for the final proposal! They had to find a new spot after the French bistro didn't work out, then had to send messages to Eric, navigating him to where he now needed to go. Without them, the whole plan would have gone awry, and I am so thankful for our wonderful friends!!! All in all, Eric's thoughtfulness made for such a great day, and as you can see, his attention to detail was very obvious. He is definitely a romantic in every sense of the term!

This engagement session was submitted via Two Bright Lights

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