06 February 2012

A North Carolina Wedding by Live View Studios

How the met & the proposal (from the groom): 

"It all started back in December of 2007 (I think that’s the month). We met for the first time on a random Friday night in one of our favorite settings…a bar. The introduction was brief, but we officially met that night. Julie was in town (Raleigh) for a friend’s engagement party/shower that weekend, so naturally we met again the following night in another one of our favorite settings…another bar. It was there where I made my move. Repeatedly. It was also there that Julie said ‘no.’ Repeatedly. Little did she know, she was saying ‘no’ to her future husband.  

Month’s down the road, another party/shower came around. The date was May 31, 2008. I was still single, and this time Julie happened to be single as well. This is where sparks flew and the magic happened. After a fun night of celebrating with friends, it became apparently that Julie and I had found one another at the right time. Months went by, and the relationship grew into something special; more and more each day. Eventually, I decided to man-up and pop the question. This happened January 15, 2010. With nervousness lurking, the inability to eat prior, butterflies swarming, and sweaty palms, I asked Julie to have a seat on the couch. With an impressive technological setup, I pressed play and the homemade movie started. As the movie played, I reached for the strategically hidden ring. Expressing my love and what Julie meant to me, the movie eventually came to a conclusion with the last shot stating ‘and hopefully this time you’ll say YES.’ Julie had tears in her eyes, as did I, and from one knee the proposal took place. She said yes this time."

"It was a sweltering Carolina summer day in June, but both Justin and Julie were cool and relaxed as they prepared for the day they had waited for in over a year. There was a quiet anticipation in their eyes. Earlier that day, Justin had surprised Julie with an iPad he had sent over, containing a video message from him saying how much he loved her and couldn't wait to marry her. 

Julie and her girls got ready at her and Justin's home, while Justin and the guys readied themselves and Jey, Justin and Julie's absolutely cute dog and ringbearer, at Justin's soon to be brother-in-law's place. The bridesmaids were gorgeous in sophisticated updos and sleek black dresses, and the guys looked pretty dapper too in black suits with black ties. Julie's white rose bouquet beautifully complimented her girl's iris blue and white ones. 

The afternoon started out sunny with hardly a cloud in the sky as guests filled the seats of the outdoor ceremony area. A beautifully decorated arbor by award-winning florist, Fresh Affairs, marked the spot where Justin and Julie would become husband and wife. The sounds of string music filled the air and Julie made her way to Justin on her dad's arm. During the exchange of their handwritten vows, Julie read excepts from a book from her students (she’s a first grade school teacher) entitled ‘What Is Marriage’ where they wrote some things that they thought marriage meant and what the importance of it is. The humorous entries brought smiles and laughter to their wedding guests. In the mean time, the sun suddenly gave way to clouds and the wind began to pick up. As the sky became more threatening and things began to blow around, the minister hurried to wrap things up. A few drops of rain pitter pattered during their first kiss, and when they were introduced to their guests as Mr and Mrs. Burris, the skies let loose! But there was no disappointment on their faces as they dealt with the unexpectedness of the storm. Julie laughed, knowing theirs was indeed a one-of-a-kind wedding! 

The staff at the Angus Barn rushed to the bride and groom, covering them with umbrellas and helping them get to the shelter of the Pavilions while their guests followed. Once inside, they passionately kissed, awash with the feeling that they'd finally done it- they were married! We love their reactions of joy once inside, the downpour didn’t dampen their spirits one bit.

They had a cocktail hour for their guests while theirs and their bridal party portraits were taken. Just in time, the storm vanished almost as quickly as it came and sunshine filled the sky again. For their entry into the reception, the entire wedding party wore shades and danced their way in.

The rustic reception area at the Pavilions was beautifully decorated for their day. White table coverings, blue and white hydrangea centerpieces, complete with floating candles, made beautiful table settings, and jars of the famous Angus Barn barbecue sauce not only served as favors but doubled as place cards for their guests. The elegant buttercream-covered red velvet cake was perfect for the rustic setting and simply accented with creamy roses.

After dinner, we snuck out with the bride and groom for a few more portraits, then the evening commenced with music from the highly sought after The Dickens Band and lots of dancing. At the end of the day, Justin and Julie had a sparkler send off as they got into their limousine and began their first journey as husband and wife. 

When asked the vision for her wedding, Julie described it as a classy and elegant affair. We think that vision was realized for their day and couldn't be more happier for this beautiful and very much in love couple." (from the photographers, Live View Studios)

Photography: Live View Studios // Ceremony & Reception Venue: Pavilions at Angus Barn //
Make-up Artist: Margo Williams // Florist: Fresh Affairs // Ceremony Music: Arioso Strings // 
Reception Music: The Dickens Band // Bridal Boutique: Lana Addisons // Bride's Dress: Paula Varsalona //
Bride's Shoes: Badgley Mischka // Stationary: Reaves Engraving // Cake Designer: Let ‘Em Eat Cake

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