07 February 2012

A Sonoma Engagement Session by Tim King Photography

From the couple's wedding website:
"As many of you probably know, Danny is a romantic and Hillary is a snoop! This is how the story of the proposal begins.... Danny had been secretly talking with Carol, Katy and a jeweler friend about rings. They had even been shopping to look for the perfect stone and setting that would be unique yet classic. It wasn't until months into the process that Hillary overheard a telephone conversation between the jeweler and Danny that it clicked, and she realized- THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING! From that moment on, Hillary turned into a self proclaimed "Super Sleuth" with the sole mission of finding information about that ring. It was not her aim to ruin Danny's surprise, but she was overcome with urges, she just couldn't help herself! This included (she is not proud of this!) emails, phone calls, eaves dropping on Hillary's mom screaming when she got the news that Danny had asked Ric's permission, and extracting information from Danny's Mom! Danny, being the intelligent person that he is, realized what Hillary was up to. This began his devilish plot to "Fake her out" with mock proposals. Some of the highlights included, a horse drawn carriage ride in the mountains, a romantic sunset airplane ride over the Hoover Dam, a couples massage at the Palms Hotel, a Boston Red Sox baseball game, and I think he knelt down a few too many times to tie his shoes. Needless to say, Hillary was retelling these events to everyone she knows and it was starting to sound like a season of The Batchelor! While Danny had a great time with the "fake outs", and Hillary certainly deserved it, he was busy planning his own surprise. He was working in the wee hours of the night (the only time he could get some peace and quiet!) on a romantic picture book that he created and illustrated to mirror the years of our relationship. Danny started with the phrase "This is the story of a boy and a girl, and their many questions" and continued through their childhood, meeting in college, time in Las Vegas, and the future they were planning. Along with each question on each page, Danny illustrated a beautiful drawing to depict the scene. The final question was "Will you be my family?". Danny knew that he had to present this book when Hillary was least expecting it. The perfect moment came when Hillary and Danny were traveling on a train from San Diego, where they first met, to visit Hillary's family in Orange County for Easter. Hillary was shocked and surprised, as she had finally let her guard down of trying to guess when he was going to finally pop the question! The proposal was met with many tears from Hillary, while other train passengers continued to play on their Apple devices and ignore the happy couple. Danny and Hillary continued the surprises by waiting until the family Easter prayer to reveal the fabulous ring and the exciting news! Hillary's mom propmtly fainted into the arms of Ric (thankfully)!"

Thank you Tim King for sharing this lovely engagement session with me!

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