26 March 2012

A Florida Engagement Session by Laura Yang Photography

A sweet and playful engagement by Laura Yang Photography is on the blog today! The love between Arun & Nikole is evident through the following images.. the laughter and the gazing.. just lovely! Thank you Laura for sharing these images with me!

Their love story:
I (Nikole) moved back to Ormond Beach after a bad relationship, but I couldn't stop thinking about the cute boy that I had met through mutual friends on many of my holiday visits. I didn't know his name but when I finally ran into him, I made sure we made plans to see each other again. He had also gotten out of a bad relationship (oddly enough our relationships ended on the same day 2 months earlier) and we were both determined to keep it casual. We couldn't help ourselves though; we got swept away in our happiness and within 5 months, moved into a house together. I always say that as soon as I stopped believing in fairy tales, I was in one.

The proposal:
Arun used to always do the cutest proposals but they were never 100% serious because he wanted to wait until he got a ring...once he took one of my rings and wrapped a gummi lifesaver around it, put it back in the bag and waited until I got it and then asked me to marry him...but the real proposal didn't involve a ring, I wanted to let him know that I didn't need one. All I wanted was him forever and ever and then I asked him. I eventually did get a ring but I knew he was the one and didn't need a ring to prove that.

He says: She is gorgeous, smart, understanding, loveable, nurturing, easy to get along with, treats me and everyone else wonderfully, sexy, sweet, dependable, and the list goes on for days.

She says: I love his kind heart and silly nature. He always knows how to make me laugh and smile no matter how down I feel. Arun has the best heart and it never ceases to amaze me how sweet he can be. Not to mention, I think he is the most handsome man in the world.

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