01 March 2012

A Florida Wedding by Carrie Wildes Photography

"I started getting to know Lauren and Josh about 2 years ago when they didn't have a date or venue or anything set, and last weekend their wedding was finally here! During the toasts, Lauren's maid of honor talked about when she first met Lauren at cheerleading tryouts and she was one of those gorgeous girls where time stops and the slo-mo hair blowing in the wind (there is a movie that comes to mind but I can't think of the name of it at the moment) but that as she got to be best friends with her, that Lauren truly is just as beautiful inside and out. This totally goes for Josh and well, which is why it's not surprising how amazing they are together. The theme of the day was "love" which is so fitting. Their grandmother's each did a reading and advice during the ceremony which was so sweet and what better advice can you get from ladies who have lived it. The Lady Gaga Concert, a prom, and a huge super hero party with the Herbal Life crew definitely made for an interesting evening. I definitely can't say I've ever gotten to photograph a bride and groom with like 50 super heros. Julie and her team from Chic Designs and Fabulous Events coordinated every last detail to make Lauren and Josh's day amazing. They were definitely fabulous to work with as well as the rest of the team that day. Congrats Lauren and Josh!" [Carrie Wildes, photographer]

I'm so excited to share this lovely wedding from Tampa, Florida which was photographed by Carrie Wildes Photography. The venue was just beautiful, overlooking the marina. The bride and groom looked stunning together. And you can't forget that gorgeous cake! Carrie, thank you for sharing this wedding with me!

Describe what you felt when you first saw each other:
Bride: The first time I saw Josh on our wedding day was when I started walking down the aisle. I had entered the ceremony, which was outside on the terrace of the hotel, from a staircase. I was distracted by making sure I didn't fall down the stairs, so naturally, Josh saw me before I saw him! When I turned the corner and saw him at the end of the aisle every ounce of stress melted away from my body. My heart was racing with excitement, but at the same time I felt peaceful and calm. 

Groom: I saw her at the top of the staircase and I had to take a deep breath. She was beautiful. She always told me one of the best parts of a wedding ceremony is when the Groom sees the Bride for the first time and I would never have imagined that feeling. It's one of those "once in a lifetime kinda feelings."

What was your favorite moment?
One of our favorite moments was saying our vows to each other. We decided to write them ourselves and we did not share them with each other prior to the ceremony. It is one thing to write your vows and read them to yourself or share them with your sister to make sure they sound right. It's a completely different experience to say them to each other. They come alive with your emotion and they make such an impact on one another as well as all your guests. I (Lauren) didn't think I could write such emotion-provoking words!

Any unique traditions or something you did that was special to you?
We lit a remembrance candle at the far end of the aisle opposite from where we stood together during the ceremony. It was strategically placed so I could walk by the candle on my way down the aisle and we could walk by it together at the end of the ceremony. This candle represented members of our family that were deceased and attending our ceremony in spirit. It was especially unique because we were anticipating Josh's Grandfather to be there up until the day before the wedding but he became very sick and could not make it. Even though he was still alive, this candle represented him too. He held on until the day after we got married.

Any advice for couples planning their wedding?
Don't sweat the small stuff. The most important part of your wedding is you and your fiancé. Not the cake, or the favors or the food. If you and your fiancé are stressed or unhappy about something that is not right or supposed to be different then you jeopardize feeling all the amazing feelings there are to be felt on your wedding day!

Photography: Carrie Wildes Photography // Venue: Tampa Waterside Marriott // Event Planner: Chic Designs & Fabulous Events // Floral Design: La Vie En Rose Design // 
Custom Cigars: Tampa Cigars //   

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