27 March 2012

A Los Angeles Engagement Session by Hanh Nquyen Photography

What do you get when you get a good-looking, fashionable couple and the beautiful Union Station in Los Angeles? THIS beautifully photographed engagement session by Hanh Nguyen Photography. I love everything about this session. Kailee from Karenza Kailee did the wardrobe styling and hair & make-up were done by Dureen Truong. Thank you Hanh for sharing this session with me! 

The proposal:
Litcoy planned a simple evening for us together that started off with a manicure. I should've had a clue then but I had no idea. After getting a manicure we went to the movie theatre. I remember a long walk to the entrance because Litcoy had parked so far. During the movie he kept mentioning that he was starving and didn't think he was going to make it to the end of the movie. Needless to say, we left early. As we were walking to the car he mentioned that he couldn't have planned a better way to spend his day off. He went on to say that he was so happy to have made the move to the OC. He said, "The best decision I've made in life was deciding to live it with you." I was absolutely happy at that moment! We got to the car and he opened the door for me. When I got in and sat down he knelt down and opened the glove compartment. He pulled out the ring and I immediately began to cry. He said, "In the words of my illustrious grandfather, you are going to be my wife." So I had no choice! I'm glad I didn't have to reply because I couldn't say anything! He couldn't have done it in a more perfect way. The ride home was most memorable for me. We held hands and thanked the Lord for the amazing love He had brought into our lives. I also was contemplating who I was going to tell first. Thankfully, Litcoy had made it easy for me. He planned a surprise engagement party at my parent's house with my family, closest friends and a few of his family members flew down from the bay as well. This is the real reason we had to leave the movie early; everyone was anxiously waiting for us!

He says:
I love how practical she is. She is very understanding and honest with anyone. She is self motivated and can drive results in a moments notice. Most importantly, she wears her heart on her sleeve. She is a very emotional person who lives her life with her heart leading her in most situations. So many people try to outsmart themselves and adapt to life in new ways after going through tough times, but if you have a pure heart such as my fiancé... Faith is enough. If I watched a video that was recorded of her in 1988 I'm sure I would see all of the natural characteristics that I now see in 2012. I love that I truly KNOW Licette. I.D.O.L. I Dream Of Licette. She is my Idol.

She says:
He genuinely cares about the well being of the people he's surrounded by. He goes above and beyond for his employees and even further for his family. Litcoy has a huge unselfish heart that once you touch, you're there forever. His actions speak louder than words yet his words are genuine and trustworthy. He just loves to help others and give good vibes. He's the guy that will pull over to help push a car or help fix a flat tire regardless of the weather or time, every time he sees the opportunity. I love that he's a giver and his humility is so admirable.

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