22 March 2012

A Nashville Engagement Session by Glessner Photography

This sweet engagement session was photographed by Glessner Photography. What I love about this session is the memories it brought back of my childhood and who doesn't like remember the times they spent at the park playing on the swings or swinging around on something. Kristin & Read, we wish you a lifetime of happiness! Thank you so much for sharing your love story with us :)

It was September 2006, at orientation for Belmont University. The incoming freshmen were gathered for an “ice breaker” on the soccer field. For one boy and girl in particular, this ice breaker was only the beginning. Kristin meet Read, Read meet Kristin. The students were directed to hold the hand of the person standing next to them. Kristin, being 5"2 looked up and saw the sweet blue eyes of Read - being 6"2. Love at first sight! We starting officially dating in November 2006, and never looked back! 

Fast forward four years of hand holding, happiness and somewhere in there, school. It’s now June 2010, and time to celebrate Kristin and Read’s graduation, with a joint party in Read’s home state, Texas. But we’ll come back to that momentarily. Before leaving for Texas, Read asked Kristin’s dad, Mr. K, to meet him at his favorite spot, Starbucks. It was there that Read told Mr. K of his intentions to marry his daughter, and wished for his blessing. Happily, Mr. K gave Read his blessing, and for Read, things were starting to fall into place. Now what about the ring? After months of saving his earnings from shows with The Westbound Rangers, (Read's amazing BlueGrass Americana Band) Read was finally able to purchase the perfect setting to compliment the solitaire diamond center stone, a gift, from his grandmother. We return to June 2010. With all the excitement surrounding the graduation party and the Kapolas family invading the South, Kristin and Read hardly had any alone time, so they planned a date night, Thursday, June 17th. of course, Kristin accepted. Knowing that they were freshly minted graduates, making their way in the real world, and still living on a college budget, Kristin didn’t suspect nor expect anything different than a nice night out with her boyfriend. After a conversation-filled dinner, compliments of Kristin, Read suggested visiting a nearby park. They left the restaurant and shortly after, pulled into a park. They were greeted with a beautiful view, the park was trimmed all in white lights. Read then asked Kristin to get the map of the park out of the glove compartment, so they could find the nicest places in the park to walk around. So, Kristin opened up the glove compartment. saw a ring box and a rose, and QUICKlY shut the glove compartment back. She then looked at Read in disbelief and said, “Are you serious right now?” Read laughed, reached past Kristin, re-opened the glove box and asked her to marry him. Go figure...she said yes! 

He says: Read loves Kristin's driven spirit. He loves how kind, and caring she is. She is Read's main support system and does whatever she can to show him how much she loves him. Their relationship is filled with good communication, honesty and loyalty. Kristin brings out the best version of Read. He Loves her - with a capital "L". Also, she has the most beautiful brown eyes he has ever laid his blue ones on.

She says: Read's humor is the first thing Kristin fell in love with. His puns, quarks and jokes kept her laughing through all the hard years of nursing school. His kind spirit is so calming, and Kristin can palpate the love Read has for her - which is rare. Read is a good man with a honest heart. He is loyal and humble. He is the love of my life.

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