29 March 2012

A Southern California Engagement Session by Brett Hickman Photographers

I know I've said it before, but I just love it when couples incorporate little elements and props into their engagement session. This is why I am head over heels with this engagement session by Brett Hickman Photographers. Well that, and because these photos are gorgeous. This couple, Lauren and Brandon, have the most amazing wedding site I've ever seen. Like, it rocks. Check it out for yourself: click here. Brett, thank you for sharing this stunning session with me! A special thanks to High Society Wedding and Event Planning, who designed and coordinated the shoot; Kaylee Sizemore at The Tangled Vine, florals and vintage rentals; and Itty Bitty Sweets for the cupcakes and mini cakes. 

You can view the story of their proposal (and see photos also) here: https://laurenshore.wordpress.com/2011/08/22/were-engaged/

What he loves about her:
Lets start with inspiring. Lauren inspires me to be ME, to follow my heart and be exactly me, and I'm more "me" with her than even alone. Followed with fun, which sounds simple, but having fun is one of my "meanings of life", and I have so much fun with her...and keep coming back for more. And then there's her honesty. She's not afraid or shy to give her honest opinion, and I respect her unconditionally for it. She tells it like it is, and sometimes I need to hear it. Finally, I love Lauren's sense of balance. Between her ambition, her family, how grounded she is and her desire to travel and explore - she understands the imperfect science of finding balance in her life, and in our life, and without her I'd never know how fulfilling and rewarding life can be, and should be. She's my perfect partner in crime. It's as simple as that.
What she loves about him:
We were meant to be together. And I swear I’m not very sentimental, it’s actually one of my weaknesses. He’s made me happier than I’ve ever been. Brandon encourages be to be my true self. He challenges me, loves me, and pushes me on a daily basis. I love his over-planning with lack of details, and his deep love for his family. Our family are the root of us as individuals; we’ve been spoiled. We have perfect, life long best friends as parents to live up to, and this give me the most confidence I could need. His adventure, love, and the smile he puts on my face everyday makes me cherry after my hour commute to get home every night. We enjoy the simplest of things: cocktails at sunset, the view, a family gathering, and a new experience together. I couldn’t imagine waking up next to anyone else.
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