17 April 2012

A Missouri Engagement Session by Heather Cherie Photography

A sweet and stylish engagement session by Heather Cherie Photography. A story of two complete opposites falling in love...

Their love story:
We both attended Evangel University, and there was a "Movie on the Lawn" event scheduled one evening. Because of the rain, it ended up being "Movie on the Gym Floor." I ended up sitting behind Zach and was introduced to him through a mutual friend. Over the next few days, we started talking and one day, Zach asked me out for ice-cream. That was the beginning of our friendship. Over the next few months, we spent lots of time getting to know each other. We realized that we were complete opposites, but I suppose that was what made our friendship so interesting. One day, Zach asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said yes. He sealed the deal with a dozen pink roses, and the rest is history :)

The proposal:
One weekend, Zach told me that he was going to take me somewhere special. He told me to pack a swimsuit but he didn't tell me where we were going or what we were doing. On a sunny Sunday afternoon, we got into his car and he started driving down roads I had never seen before. I was in suspense the whole time and he wouldn't tell me where we were going. We ended up at Table Rock Lake and I realized that he had rented a boat! Zach had secretly worked on getting a boating license just for this day. We drove the boat around and spent the whole day swimming in the lake. At the end of the day, we picked a nice spot on the lake and Zach served me a romantic lunch on the boat. He had prepared everything in a cooler that he brought with him. When we finished lunch, he said that he had something for me. I looked up and he had a little silver box in his hand. I was absolutely speechless! He got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said "YES!" It was the most romantic and perfect proposal!

What he loves about her:
Abby is very sweet and caring with everyone, and always helps others when she can. She is patient with me when I don't deserve it. Also, she loves dogs.

What she loves about him:
Everyone that knows Zach knows that he is an extremely hard-working guy, and I am very proud of that. He is a great thinker and is always coming up with great new ideas. Zach is also very thoughtful and romantic when it comes to special occasions. He is really great at planning dates and surprising me with wonderful gifts! What more could a girl ask for?

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