26 April 2012

An Australia Engagement Session by Bayly Moore Photography

My heart smiles a little more every time I see a submission from outside the U.S. Even a little more when it's from a country that has not been featured yet! So you can bet that I was super excited to receive this sweet engagements session from Bayly Moore Photography. I just love the artistic feel to these photos and these two love birds are just way too cute!
Their love story:
Oh young romance. Well we met at a music team social night at our church, I (Steph) had tagged along with my cousin before our visual arts get together because she didn't want me to be a loner waiting for an hour by myself. I was talking to a mutual friend when Sam joined our conversation, I was always really good friends with his younger bro Ryan who had told me Sam was a 'caveman' so to speak, not really the life of the party. So I was certainly surprised by the excited, non-stop speaking guy before me telling me stories about his rollercoster adventures in America on family holidays. I'd secretly crushed on Sam and his mad Bass skills earlier in the year which was cousin was fully aware of so I was bombarded with questions after if my 'crush' had been re-ignited. So back in those days when Myspace was the rage I dropped Sam a comment saying thanks for the good conversation and left it at that not thinking we'd really speak again. A few days later he replied with much the same sentiment but asked for my email address at the end, I was pretty excited (I later found out he'd seen the comment the same day I wrote it but didn't want to seem to 'keen' to waited a few days to reply). This was followed my many late night conversations into the early hours of the morning on MSN and Sam knew he had me when I waited up for him one night after he'd finished work. There was never an official 'will you go out with me' but we both knew we were together and the rest is history!

The proposal:
The proposal. Stephanie has always been a hard one to surprise and she was openly expressing her wait for the engagement ring. I organised a fake booking at an expensive restaurant and unsurprisingly stephanie knew what it was all about. But what she didn't know is that i was going to surprise her the night before, after she got home from work. I lit 100 candles in her room and when she arrived i was sweating because it was like sitting in front of a campfire. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said, "Really?". Followed by 'yes'.

What he loves about her:
Gorgeous. Fun. Loving. Spontaneous. Caring. She is pretty Amazing

What she loves about him:

He's amazing, he keeps me grounded, loves me to no end, generous, caring, super talented drummer/bass player, and super good looking! No one else I'd want to wake up to and last face I want to see at night.

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