04 April 2012

A San Francisco Engagement Session by Bethany Carlson Photography

"The Mumford & Sons lyrics painted on planks of wood, hung from an abandoned, damp, tree stump. The afternoon rain splashed the dark green ivy. The soil sat moist as the plants in the Presidio woods celebrated the fresh afterglow of the storm. In the midst of an eclectic and buzzing city of San Francisco, California, my engaged clients felt at home in the nature. While I brainstormed the location of their DIY engagement session, their passion for being surrounded by nature and their future Tahoe ranch wedding was the inspiration. The afternoon began walking the trails of the Presidio woods off of Washington St. The two graced the trails with their blue vintage beach cruiser while searching for the perfect location for a Merlot-tasting picnic. Exploring off the beaten path, they discovered a lush garden of ivy to snuggle on. The wine chilled in a jewelry box that David carved out for Abigail while they were courting. Scribbled on the outside of the wood were their initials in a heart shape. After their romantic wine-tasting venture in the woods, we relocated to the stormy beach. We drove to Baker Beach who welcomes thousands of tourists a year who wish to get the best possible view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Here, Abigail and David sat confidently on a floral vintage love seat while the chilly San Francisco Bay water consumed their legs. Their adventurous spirit was the inspiration for this photographic concept. As I photographed them, we decided to challenge ourselves and to push the love seat further towards the waves. The result was outstanding. As they found comfort in one another's arms, the salty waves crashed over them. Abigail and David are truly a couple of their word. Their passion for the God-given nature in this world as well as their investment in their love is at the core of their relationship. They truly strive to invest in their love, so they can invest in their life." ~Bethany Carlson, San Francisco Photographer

How they met:
We met just before we both entered our doctorate program in physical therapy at the University of the Pacific in Stockton California. I'm (Abigail) from Reno, Nevada and David is from Turlock California. We spent our first couple of months dating long distance until I moved into the area for school. Our friendship and love for each other only grew from there. We both knew from the start we were meant for each other so David happily took it to the next level by popping the big question, and of course asking my dad for permission first.

The Proposal:
We spent most of our free time in San Luis Obispo with friends and where we had our first date. David, and his great memory, thought it would be fun to take a trip on our break from graduate school and visit that special place again. Unbeknownst to me, we arrive just after sunset when the beach was completely empty. Strolling along the shore, just the two of us, David pointed out it was where our first date was and where he knew he wanted to marry me. He slowly pulled the ring out of his pocket (that he had there all day and I had no idea even on a four hour drive) and bent on one knee to ask me to marry him. Shocked and unbelievably happy I said yes!

What he likes about her:
She's smart, humble, doesn't know how pretty she is and is amazing with kids. Her faith in Christ encourages and uplifts me with wisdom and discernment.

What she likes about him:
He's amazing! He's playful, energetic and encouraging, never fails to make me laugh and always has an opinion about something. His steadfast love for Christ is a cornerstone to build our marriage on and reflect Jesus is our lives together.


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