19 April 2012

A Shanghai Wedding by Chris Spira Weddings

Another destination wedding to hit the blog and I couldn't be more excited! This ecclectic and tasteful Shanghai wedding was photographed by the talented Chris Spira Weddings (who also photographed this couple's Italy engagement session). I love everything about this wedding! Thank you Chris, for sharing this lovely wedding with me!

Describe the feeling you had when you saw each other for the first time on your wedding day:
Phil - I pretty much couldn't breathe. I was trying to look tough, but I had no chance. I looked across at my mum who was starting to cry and my lip was quivering everywhere! 
Weiwei - The first thing I saw was the fact that Phil had cut his cheek shaving!

Favorite moment?
I think for both of us it was the fact that the sun came out in Shanghai unlike ever before. The days building up to the wedding were rubbish for weather and then when we woke up in the morning there were amazing crisp blue skies and the sun was shining. So the best part of the wedding was for the three hours after the church ceremony when we hit the roof of the hotel where we were having the reception. The sun was out, the music playing and of course the champagne was flowing. Everyone was in such high spirits!

Any unique additions to your wedding?
We get around Shanghai on bikes, so we figured that instead of having a wedding car waiting for us outside the church we got a moped - and of course it was in the wedding's colours! Everyone loved it. I think some of the best photos we had were on the moped, something totally unique.

Advice for couples?
On top of the usual stuff like being organized etc, I would say that make sure you do some funky little things that are really about you. If you're going for a big wedding with a big planner etc, then I would make sure that they really understand you and get some little touches that really show you as a couple - pictures of you down the years, add things to the ceremony from your everyday life etc...

Photography: Chris Spira Weddings // Venue: Shook! at Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai // 
Cake: Sweet Ever After // Wedding Dress: Suzhou Wedding Market 

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