02 April 2012

A Southern California Love Shoot by Belinda Love Photography

After your engagement photos and your wedding, how often will you continue to have photos done of you and your spouse? Every year? Every 5 years? Never? If you're like me and you have a spouse who dislikes being in front of the camera, then we may have to do something to bribe them ;) I totally love this fun "just because" session photographed by my dear friend, Belinda Love Photography. See the pretty light and the fields of yellow flowers? Just one of the reasons I love living in Southern California. Belinda, thank you so much for sharing this session with me!

What David loves about Lumi: Lumi has so much beauty inside and out. It is clear to see her great personality, her good nature and her ambition in everything she does. I cant image my life without her. The way she treats me , the way she speaks with me and others and the great love she has inspires me and makes me feel at home. God has blessed me so much with Lumi, she is beyond my all my expectations and needs. I love her so much!

What Lumi loves about David: David conquered me with his kindness and goodness. He is the perfect example of a gentleman and godly man. In good time and bad times David has been by my side and is teaching me about love: Love is kind, love is patient, love doesn't envy, does not seek its own, and love never fails....Together with David I feel safe, complete and ready for life's journey. Love him very very much!

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