30 May 2012

A Connecticut Love Shoot by Greg Lewis Photography

Newlyweds.. totally and completely in love with each other. This beautiful love shoot by Greg Lewis Photography is just too cute for words.

From Greg Lewis: "This young couple has been married only three years and have a love for the arts and photography, and wanted a session that captured them at this stage of their life together. We decided to do a vintage spring picnic for them. With their natural vintage approach to style, we wanted to highlight this quality throughout the session. We chose a local park with many cozy nooks to settle into, to capture their fondness and affection. We brought along a woven basket full of goodies and playful finger food like strawberries and honey, along with a handmade quilt. The romance between the two of them was clear... they are the essence of newlyweds in love! It was wonderful to capture their adoration for one another. We hope this inspires your readers to look forward to the coming years of their soon to be married life!"

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