15 May 2012

Greenwich, Connecticut Wedding by Ashley Therese Photography

Check out this gorgeous Connecticut wedding by Ashley Therese Photography. Handmade bouquet, adorable cake cutting "tools", and gorgeous Valentino heels. This wedding took place at a stunning venue and had absolutely lovely florals! Thank you Ashley for sharing this wedding with me!

Describe how you felt when you saw each other for the first time:
Jeni: Oh goodness -- My husband looked at me when I got to him at the altar and I melted on the spot. All the nervousness and stress from planning the day for months disappeared. I was bursting at the seams -- I wanted to tell him how much I loved him and how handsome he looked, but just by looking in his eyes, I knew I didn't need to say anything. I can remember his palms being as sweaty as they were on our first date and it brought such a huge smile to my heart. I was ready to start the rest of our lives. 
Dave: There was so much stress leading up to the moment when I got to the church. So many people had so many responsibilities and we had to oversee and depend upon all of them. But as my wife came down the aisle, all of that instantly left my mind. Seeing her was the only thing that mattered. It was a feeling of happiness, excitement and relief. It was a surreal experience.

What was your favorite wedding day moment?
At the risk of sounding cliche, the whole day was really special. But one of our favorite moments was that one moment of privacy getting into the limo after the ceremony. We were both beaming -- took a deep breath and then it was off to take pictures and get on with our party. There was so much excitement around and it was nice to step away, if only for a moment.

Unique elements:

I created my bouquet with the help of all the female members from both of our families. I used the brooches from each member, as well as some that I found that were significant to vacations or places we had visited, or hobbies that we enjoyed together, and then a few more because I found them down right amazing. I then worked with our florist to create a mixed media look and a piece which held so much meaning to us both for the big day.

Advice for couples planning their wedding right now?
Making sure that you have a great photographer is SUPER important. These are photographs that you will have for the rest of your life!! Make sure that they capture the style of photography that you like, but also that you meet and connect (even a little bit) with them. It's so impersonal to RELAX! Anything that goes awry (because something almost always insists to be not exactly according to plan) can always be fixed. The day before our wedding the hairstylist we had booked months in advanced cancelled very suddenly. I took a deep breath and got on the horn with my bridesmaids and we found a replacement.

Photography: Ashley Therese Photography // Venue: Morello Bistro // Florist: McArdle's Florist //
Make-up: Danielle Santagata // Dress: David's Bridal // Shoes: Valentino // Invitations: Ruff House Art

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