22 May 2012

Southern California Anniversary Shoot by RomaBea Images

I just adore this anniversary shoot by RomaBea Images. Can Nancy be anymore beautiful? 7 years strong and this couple are still madly in love with each other. Inspiring!

From RomaBea Images: "Nancy & Dan were an absolutely beautiful couple to work with in that, they were celebrating their 7th Wedding Anniversary and she wore her ORIGINAL wedding gown to their portrait session to commemorate their celebration!! Theirs was a quiet love, one that embodied the essence of time passed and a couple who knew what life as a married couple held, with good times, struggles, quiet moments and raising children! Theirs is a love that has stood the test of time and has matured into a beautiful union 7 years strong!! We has an amazing time shooting this in the Claremont Arboretum among the gorgeous softness of the flowers and trees that are natural to the climate we were in, in Southern California. It made for some gorgeous backdrops and of course, they really looked great together!! Most of these images really were reminiscent of a Fairy Tale!!" 

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