08 May 2012

A Toronto Bridal Shower by Precious Photography

I'm so excited to share this post because this is our first bridal shower feature. We featured this couple's engagement session yesterday (see it here). All the elements in this bridal shower is just so stink cute, from the florals to the banner. The color scheme is just lovely!

From the bride:
Call me a bridezilla, but when I heard that my bridal party would be throwing me a shower, I had difficulty relinquishing control. Possibly due to the fact that I had appointed my brother to be my maid of honour at the start of the whole wedding planning thing, and my other 6 bridesmaids told him that it was his job to plan the shower. A male maid of honour seemed like fun at the time, but the clashing of the two sexes became apparent very quickly. For example, the girls suggested mini-smoked salmon or cucumber/cream cheese finger sandwiches to go with our "English Garden High Tea" theme, while my brother insisted on gooey meatballs, or sloppy joe's. He couldn't understand why women wouldn't want to eat deliciously meaty dishes in their Sunday best. 
After dozens of e-mails per DAY, things started to come together nicely. We kept everything "in the family" or DIY which was amazing because you could really feel the love behind everything. My BCBG dress was a gift from my mother-in-law, the cupcakes and french macarons were made by one of my bridesmaids' friends Pauline from the Cookie Cornucopiathe marmalade was made by my brother's friend Alexandra Howard, my friend Haydn Liang assisted with the photography, the pink garden roses were purchased in bulk from WholeBlooms and assembled the day of, the milk glass vases were all collected from thrift stores, the crates and buttons and vintage suitcases were purchased from antique stores, and the rest of the treats were all home-made by my 6 amazing bridesmaids and 1 amazing maid of honour. We worked for hours on crafts.... making tissue paper pom poms, individual wine glass labels for the guests, the food labels, and my card holder suitcase. My engagement photos were pinned on twine with mini-clothes pins. In the end, I think that in the end it all came together nicely! The guests raved about the food and the decor, and everyone seemed to have a great time!!! Thanks again to all of the people that helped out to make it such an incredibly memorable event! :) 
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