13 June 2012

A Boston Public Gardens Engagement Session by Deborah Zoe Photo

I get so excited when I receive submissions from places I want to visit one day. Boston is one of those cities and you bet I got all excited! This adorable engagement session was photographed by Deborah Zoe Photo who did a great job capturing the love between these two lovebirds. Thank you Deborah for sharing these photos with me!

Their love story:
A typical tale of the girl next door…except in this story, the girl next door was a little crazy, laughed so loud that it echoed in the neighborhood and thought inappropriate humor was a way of life. The boy on the other hand, had his head on straight, was going places in life and could fix a teleportation device in 5.25 minutes flat. All of this making them seemingly unmeant for each other. After all, how could two opposites live in the same household and come out to tell this story alive? I’m still scratching my head just thinking about it. Through all of our disagreements on how a pantry should be organized, whether it matters if a toothpaste cap is tightened to its fullest strength or how long a television can be left on pause, we decided to get married. The reason is simple: we both need the other to drop us down a level; one where we can make bigger things happen together than apart. In the midst of the differences, there is a lot of the same. The same love, the same drive and the same need for each other each and every day.

The proposal: 
I (Kate) actually planned the entire proposal without knowing it. I asked Pat to take our dog on a picnic in the park one weekend and Pat surprisingly hollered YES! I wasn't suspicious of a proposal but I was bewildered by his excitement for a romantic picnic because he's usually against those types of things. The morning of he would barely talk or move so I thought, "oh great, this should be a swell day". We got to the park and I started to stuff my face with chips and dip while he setup a camera facing us. This isn't out of the ordinary since we are photographers so I just went on munching on every piece of food in sight. He finally got the courage to drop to one knee and with dip on my lip, I was beyond bewildered. All I could say was, "Huuuuuh???". Oh, and finally yes at the end of course. This is now caught on film and the film will never see the light of day...well, maybe 10 years from now I will suck it up and watch it!

What he loves about her:
She's hilarious, fun and always lightens up my mood when I'm having a bad day.

What she loves about him:
He holds me together when I feel like everything is falling apart and keeps me on track to be a better person. He's also learned some fabulous dance move from yours truly that I appreciate beyond words.

About their engagement session:
We met Deborah in Boston and we were nervous! We're used to being on the other side of the camera so this was much different for us. Deborah was amazing though and made us feel comfortable instantly. We had so much fun together walking around Boston and got some amazing shots which are now hanging up in our home. Can't wait for the wedding photos next! Deborah is amazing!

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