26 June 2012

California Anniversary Shoot by Shannon Rosan Photography

She grew up on a dairy farm and when she met her now husband, she brought him around the farm to familiarize him with how she grew up. This sweet, rustic anniversary shoot was photographed by Shannon Rosan Photography. Thank you Shannon for sharing this shoot with me! It really makes me want to go visit a dairy farm :).

From Chelsea : I feel fortuante to say that I grew up on a dairy ranch. My grandparents moved to the ranch in 1951 and raised their family there (including my mom), along with over 800 cattles. My mom grew up and married my dad, and raised my sister and I out there as well. Lots of family traditions, memories, and love came out of the rolling hills and sweet scenery. When I met my future husband, it was really important to show him the ranch and have him be apart of all the memories. Right away he bonded with my grandfather over old ranch stories, and our love grew together as we took long walks up in the hills and through the barns. A year ago this May we got married at a beautiful ranch in Chico. Since then we have had a lot of change; new jobs, new city, new marraige! The one thing that has remained constant is our commitment to each other and having the ranch to fall back on for some family fun, love, and memories. We wanted to celebrate all this change and the wonderful year we had together by taking romantic photos admist the rolling hills.We also fell in love with the photography and frienship with our wedding photographer, whom also did our engagement photos. We had so much fun planning the theme and colors for both of those events, we felt really excited and comfortable to try something different with her this time. We are so happy to capture this special time in our lives and special place in photos!

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