25 June 2012

Mt. Shasta Love Shoot by Reece & Katrina

Happy Monday ya'll! Check out this rustic love shoot by Reece & Katrina that took place in Mt. Shasta on a private property. I love the use of the horses in this shoot! So pretty :) Enjoy!

About the couple:
June 3rd was our 6th year being married. We grew up together taking horse back riding lessons, showing horses, participating in 4H and church events. We were always close friends growing up. In 2005 we started dating and then got married in 2006. Today, we still enjoy riding and showing our horses together. Our 3 dogs, Buck, Levi and Dixie are a huge part of our life. We also spend a lot of our time with our families, its great being able to live within a few miles of each other. With our busy schedules we are constantly going, but in our free time, we love spending time outdoors in the beautiful area we live in!

What he loves about her:
Being Assistant Chief at the Fire District, most of the time my job comes before family. I love that my wife supports me in what I love to do and is understanding of what my job duties are. She is a hard worker, not only at her regular job, but also running our own small business, JKD Tack. She also does a great job taking care of all the animals.

What she loves about him:
I love that my husband is a great supporter of what I love to do, which is show my horses. Horses are a huge commitment that consumes a lot of my time. I know sometimes my long hours at the barn make it hard for me to come in and clean or cook! I love that Johnathan will come home after we've both had a long day and still cook for me! He's a very hard worker, but still makes time to help me when he get's home.

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