15 June 2012

Southern California Engagement Session by Valentina Glidden Photography

Engagement sessions are just so much fun! It's so important for every couple hiring a photographer for their wedding to book an engagement session with them. Just read what this love couple had to say about their photographer, Valentina Glidden (at bottom of post). I love all the colors in these photos and especially love the beach photos! Thanks Val for sharing this session with me!

Their love story:
Sean and I met through a young adult group at our church. The first time I attended the group, Sean was speaking about relationships. After the talk, I thought to myself "I should marry a man like that!" Not knowing that Sean would actually be the man I would marry. Upon our first official meet, we hit it off instantly and within a few months knew we were fit for one another.

The proposal:
We woke up really early to go on a day trip to Santa Cruz and Monterey. The sun was just starting to rise behind us as we traveled to Santa Cruz first. When we got to SC, we stopped at a wonderful breakfast place and had a wonderful time. After breakfast, we took a long bike ride through the SC mountains through UC SC. At the top of the hill we stopped to look at the beautiful sites. We stayed awhile and walked through the small downtown area, enjoying one another's company and laughing along the way. We got back into our car and headed to Monterey to enjoy more scenery! By this time we were both tired and hungry, but were not giving up finding the perfect spot to watch the sun set. Before we left Monterey Sean found an exist to some gorgeous sand duns. We stopped off and found ourselves sitting next to each other, gazing into each others eyes and whispering sweet nothings into each others ears (well maybe not that part!). While we sat there on our blanket and as the sun was setting and the oceans waves crashed against one another, Sean pulled out the rings and asked Mandy "Will you marry me?" It was the perfect moment!

What he loves about her:
That she worries about me, cares about me and wants to take care of me. How uncomplicated she is, how she loves Jesus and how she thinks before she speaks. I love that she compliments me.

What she loves about him:
His love for his family, friends and Jesus.. and me. He is very smart and very hilarious at the perfect moments. The way he describes me to others and how confident he is in our relationship. I love his personality most of all and of course his striking good looks!

About their engagement session:
Our engagement session was absolutely perfect! It was the first time meeting our photographer, but it felt as thought we'd been lifelong friends. Both of us felt so comfortable with her and she had nothing but encouraging words for us while taking the pictures. We didn't know what to expect but after seeing the outcome of the photos we knew we had made the right decision to ask her to be our photographer. She captured every emotion, every smile and every little detail we wouldn't have seen ourselves. The photos speak for themselves and having Valentina there made the process go so smoothly and seamless.

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