06 June 2012

A Southern California Paint Fight Engagement Session by Brett Hickman Photographers

Are you ready for this super fun engagement session by the talented Brett Hickman Photographers? Major props to Julie and Brandon for being able to do this. While I'd like to think that I could handle the paint, I'm not sure I could! I just love how much fun these two had. Definitely great photos and memories to look back on! Thank you Brett for sharing these with us!

Their love story:
Brandon and I met while I was going back to school to get my Master's. I met a couple of people and helped to create a triathlon club at school...luckily Brandon was one of the members who joined. We met for the first time in the pool. We both have strong water polo backgrounds and are great swimmers. After noticing his speedo (who wouldnt?!) :) we started cycling together in large groups. These groups eventually got smaller until we started riding together. It all officially started when I happened to mention to Brandon that I needed to get my oil changed and "asked" if he could "teach" me how to do it. Of course the rugged manly side of him came out and he happily offered to show me how to do it. From there we planted a garden together, built garden boxes, installed an inground firepit and then went on our official first date, which I like to think went extremely well. We both love the outdoors and going camping so soon after getting together we went on our first camping trip. What was supposed to be a 4 day trip to Joshua Tree with about 20 people turned into a 4 day camping trip in Bishop just the 2 of us. (An extremely long, funny story, better explained in person). It all worked out and brought us closer than ever. Let's be honest, a 4 day camping trip without running water teaches you A LOT about a person! :) Since then we've camped at Joshua Tree, Lake Tahoe, Lake Cachuma, Twin Lakes, Bishop again, and Colorado. We love to explore and travel and just really enjoy being with other. We still love training and riding together and even completed a Half-Ironman together in Oceanside last April. It was such an amazing feeling accomplishing something so great with someone you love.

The proposal:
I work at a large accounting firm doing taxes and was just finishing up a large deadline. Most corporate state tax work is due October 15. The last week of September 2011, Brandon kept asking me if I could set aside October 14 for date night. I repeatedly told him that I can't commit to anything as I don't know what my workload at the time would be like. It's extremely unpredictable and I told him I didn't want to cancel on him last minute in case something came up. However, he was extremely persistent and asked a couple times a week if that would work or if we could have date night...all of which ended with me saying no. (how terrible am I, right?!) Well, long story short, Brandon was planning an evening out together (something hard for us to do sporatically, as we usually need to plan in advance). It all ended up working out and I rushed home from work Friday, October 14 at 6:00pm since he said he would be there to pick me up at 6:30 sharp. Unfortunately, he got rear-ended on the freeway driving to my house and didn't show up until nearly 7:30. Not a great start to the evening, for obvious reasons. He took me out to dinner at the Summit House (on top of a hill overlooking the entire city below) and it was wonderful. Relaxing, stress free and a much needed night, just the two of us. After dinner, Brandon (being the romantic man he is) took me to the park across the street from the restaurant where we had our first kiss. He brought sweatshirts, blankets and even some champagne to enjoy together (maybe illegal, but it was wonderful!!) :) Anyway, before heading home from work, I stopped at a delicious little bakery in downtown to pick up some desserts for our special night (thinking that I'm being a great girlfriend). We don't usually order dessert at the restaurants when we go out as we'd rather get something to go and walk around to enjoy it. We're sitting at the park enjoying our macoroons and champagne when Brandon jumped up saying he had to run to the car for something. I didn't think much of it. He actually had to run to the car to unwrap the ring from the toilet paper pouch he created (since the ring box couldn't fit in his pants unnoticed). :) After returning from the car, he walked onto a higher portion of the park to "look out at the beautiful scenery," obviously hinting for me to join. Unfortunately, I didn't get the memo and told him that I was fine and enjoying my time on the park bench (every guys nightmare). A couple minutes later he asked me to join, which I then agreed to. I started talking non stop and when he couldn't find a quiet moment he nicely "hushed" me to just enjoy the scenery. Then he turned me around, grabbed both of my hands and started saying some of the sweetest thing I have ever heard. And as he started kneeling to one knee, all I could do was start laughing uncontrollably...not ideal for any man. Please, let me tell you that I was only laughing because of nerves (something Brandon was familiar with and had experienced before). So, after walking away for a couple moments, gathering myself, and walking back to him...he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I absolutely said YES!

What he loves about her:
I really love her smile, her work ethic, her laugh, and how much she cares about me and my well being.

What she loves about him:
I love how manly, rugged and outdoorsy he is. He really is the handyman around the house and can do/fix anything...something really beneficial after buying a new home. He is so caring, genuine, sweet and silly. He will do anything for anyone and always puts others around him first. He can always put a smile on my face and knows how to make me laugh harder than anyone I've ever known.

About their engagement session:
We had the most awesome time shooting our engagement session! It was one of the best times we have ever had as a couple. I approached Brett with the idea and he really loved it. We started off at the house talking about ideas and possibilities. Originally it was going to be more "new-house" driven, but by the time we were able to do the photoshoot we had almost completely finished re-modeling our new house! Brett was GREAT! After doing our 'home' shots we moved to the park where the real fun began! Brandon hung the sheet, Brett found the perfect shot to take pictures and I filled the cups with paint to start the fight. The only rule: NO paint aimed for the face....unfortunately for me, Brandon listened to that rule for about 3 seconds :) He claims his arm shot is the same level as my face and therefore "couldn't control it." Haha! Anyway, the paint fight was something we never did anything like before. It was silly, sexy and so much fun. By letting go of all adult like qualities and letting out the inner child, you get to experience a new and playful way to interact with your significant other. Brandon and I aren't the most "romantic people" and LOVED that we were able to take some of the "engagement type photos" all painted. That was one of my favorite parts...Brett really worked with us and helped to really capture all of the paint fight fun and love we have for each other in every photo.

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