12 July 2012

Disneyland Shoot by White Rabbit Photo Boutique

I just adore this magical day-after shoot at the happiest place on earth. Being a huge Disney fan myself, I was pretty excited to see this shoot photographed by White Rabbit Photo BouqtiqueFairytale Hair & Make-up did the bride's hair & make-up.

From the bride: Growing up, my family maintained a tradition of getting together regularly for a family night to watch our favorite Disney classics. As my sister and I became older, we added a yearly Disneyland trip to our routine as well. These fairy tales inspired my dreams and even as my perspective of the world became more and more realistic, a small part of me always dreamed of having my own fairytale. 

Our story begins in an engineering classroom at USC. I had no idea the quietly intelligent man sitting at the front of the room would eventually come to change my life so completely. The relationship began platonically with homework discussions and studying sessions for exams. His intelligence never ceased to amaze me but what attracted me most was his kindness and patience. It seemed no matter what life had to toss at him, he always met every circumstance with a smile. His optimism for the future was contagious and I found myself a happier, brighter person around him. Apparently, the attraction was mutual and happened much earlier for him. After graduation, he began sending flowers and planning romantic dinners which culminated to a beautiful ring he had secretly prepared shortly after our first date and a surprise proposal at USC. 

Even though my husband couldn’t understand my affinity for everything Disney, he happily indulged me and we visited Disneyland frequently. He never failed to buy me a white light-up rose at the end of each visit which quickly became our very first tradition. Finally, for my birthday, he surprised me with a trip to Disney World followed by a three day Disney cruise to Castaway Cay in the Bahamas. It was an amazing experience and the happiest vacation I have ever taken. Needless to say, when it came time to pick our wedding reception venue, we contemplated all the special meanings and memories and there was no better choice for us than Disney.

Afterwards, we were also lucky enough to have the opportunity for a morning photo shoot inside the park before it opened. The day started quite early as our shoot was scheduled for six in the morning and we wanted to have ample time for preparation and makeup. At six, we were escorted into an empty Disneyland for a magical photo shoot inside Fantasy Land as well as in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Our photographer, Jenna Henderson’s positive energy and enthusiasm were contagious and everyone was so excited. We had tremendous fun trying different poses and enjoying our favorite spots. She was extremely patient and even offered to take pictures for us in the Fairy Tale Suite where we were staying. She was an awesome photographer and always went the extra mile to ensure everything was perfect. All in all, this was truly an unforgettable experience.

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