02 July 2012

Little Borrowed Dress by Elizabeth Messina

"Rather than deciding what to wear, I had the less glamorous task of choosing what not to wear—specifically what to toss, and the four main offenders were bridesmaid dresses. I'm lucky to have stylish friends who selected dresses with the bridal party in mind, yet the dresses hadn't seen the light of day since each wedding. I found myself asking: what do I do with dresses that cost a pretty penny and now take up valuable closet space?
That's when it hit me like a bolt of silk organza! Groomsmen rent their wedding day attire—why don't bridesmaids have the same option? I decided to focus my attention on the wedding industry with the aim of making it easier and more fun for brides to plan a stylish yet sensible wedding. Armed with years of experience as a management consultant (specifically advising businesses on how to launch new products or enter new markets) and a recently obtained MBA from London Business School, I was confident I had the tools to turn this idea into a reality.
And that was the beginning of Little Borrowed Dress." [from LBD website]

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