23 July 2012

Utah Lake Engagement Session by Kayleen T. Photography

This gorgeous engagement session from Kayleen T. Photography just goes to shows that you don't need to go all out to have an incredibly beautiful session. It's not the details that make something beautiful - it's the moments in between, the laughter, the kisses, the "look into each other's eyes" that make an engagement session beautiful. These images are so sweet.. so tender.. so beautiful...

Their love story:
So Trent's friend Austin married my friend Hayley. Hayley wanted Amy (my twin sister) to go out with Trent, and Amy told Hayley that she should hook Trent up with "Abbey". So it all started from there... Trent did summer sales for Vivint at the time we were going to hang out, and he wanted to fly me out to Virginia where he was working. I thought that was a little weird and told him that I couldn't because I was playing college soccer at the time. So 4 months had passed and on good ol FB he messaged me and said, "Hey cute girl, when can I take you on a date?" and I totally forgot who he was... I had to think for a bit and then he reminded me. I told him I wasn't sure when and he insisted on "How about tomorrow? I'll pick ya up at 3." I was super excited!!! So tomorrow came around and it was pouring rain and we went up the canyon. I started thinking "OH NO!! this isn't going to be good." but time went by and the rain stopped. We got out of the car and went on a walk talking about what we liked, how many people are in our familes, where we saw our selves 5 years from now.. etc. As time passed I had this crazy feeling the whole time I was talking with him. Almost like I was on cloud 9 with the biggest smile. I just felt so comfortable with him!! well he dropped me off at my house and I went inside and my mom asked, "so what do you think??" and that was when I told my mom, "I think I am going to marry this kid!!" my mom couldn't believe it... her and I both thought that I would wait for a long while to get serious with some guy. But I knew from the beginning.. that I would marry Trent Wood! long story short, We dated for about 4 months until we were "official". And then we went to Moab with his family and that was around April of 2010 when he told me he could marry me. Then he left for the summer and we did the whole "Long distance thing" and I went out to visit him once a month.. and it just made me realize that much more I wanted to be with him and he wanted to be with me..... Time passed and around September 30th he popped the question!!! 

The proposal:
So Trent and I both love Southern Utah A LOT! and his family owns land out there near Capitol Reef. And not far from Capital Reef there is a waterfall you can hike to called Calf Creek falls. (it's a place where Trent and his family grew up going to all the time.) It's about a 2 1/2 mile hike and at the end is this huge water fall and swimming area that you could just swim, have a pic-nik and have a good ol time. I had NO IDEA he was going to purpose, because we hadn't even gone ring shopping and it wasn't out of the norm to hike together.. we did this stuff all the time. So we get to the top and I said to Trent, "Babe let's have someone take a picture of us!" and he said, "Ok... but let me take a few of just you." finally 5 minutes pass and I said again, "Let's have someone take a picture of us!" and he finally said, "OK! " so he walks up to this couple sitting down on a log looking at the water and such, and said to them " Hey would you mind taking a picture of me and my girlfriend?" ( but really quietly he siad, " i'm actually purposing, it's filming, will you just film us?") and during that time I had be distracted with all that was going on around me and didn't hear a word he said. He then starts to walk up to me and the people were all smiles and stuff and I was so confused, and then right when he got up to me as I went to put my arm around his back for the picture he said, "wait Abbey! I have to ask you something first!" and he got down on his knee and said, "Abbey, will you marry me??" I couldn't believe this was happening!! so many things running through my head and it just didn't seem real. We were both crying of joy and I said YES!!!! so after 1 year and 6 months he finally asked me to marry him!!!! 
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