02 July 2012

West Virginia Anniversary Shoot by Douglas Pettway Photography

Hold your horses y'all! Check out this anniversary shoot by photographer, Douglas Pettway. What a fun way to start their shoot? Love it! These two sure do seem like fun! Here is a little bit about what they enjoy doing for fun:

"Been married 1 year (May 28th, 2011) Favorite Things: * Cook & Eat - we both have different styles of cooking, so we love to learn from each other...but the best part is eating the food! * Golf - nothing beats a great day spent outside on a golf course, the scores might not be the best when it comes to me (Jessica) but it's about the time we have together. * Travel - one of our big things is to go to new places and have new experiences, hence choosing the Horse Races. Neither one of us have ever been to the horse track, even though it's super close, and we ended up having a blast! It can be local or far away - doesn't matter, the experience is what we are after. * Watch Baseball - Go Red Sox!! * Watching good movies."

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