30 August 2012

Green Gables Estate Wedding by Brett Hickman Photographers

Oh my.. this intimate Green Gables Estate wedding by Brett Hickman Photographers is just perfection! The gown, the location, the candy bar! Everything.. is just perfect! Thank you Brett for sharing this wedding with us!

From the bride: If I had to use one word to describe our wedding day the one word would be a dream. The entire day felt so surreal, from getting up in the morning to checking into our hotel that night. Now I’ll be the first to tell you I am not a morning person. I love to sleep in until noon if possible, but that morning I naturally woke up at 7:00 am. The weird part was I went to bed at two in the morning putting finishing details on the flower girl basket, the escort cards and candy bar. Side note I am also a last minute girl. Do not be like that for your own wedding. Everything still turned out near perfect. My colors were dark blues and baby pinks. The bridesmaids wore midnight blue dresses from Eden’s bridal, and the flower girls wore ivory and baby pink dresses from Eden’s as well. The wedding and reception was held at Green Gables Wedding Estate. It is an old school house with beautiful gardens and a chiffon tent. The ceremony was in the gazebo and the reception was held in the temperature controlled tent. Because the venue had a vintage garden feel to it already I wanted to continue that into my details of the wedding. I didn’t keep a certain era in mind I just used things that felt older than the 40’s. To help keep that vintage feel meant I needed to make some of my props for the wedding. Our escort board I was most proud of. I went to a framing store and bought a hallow frame that had a rustic feel to it and built the escort board. The second thing I needed to make was the flower girl basket. I didn’t like the generic white satin ones. So I bought a green moss basket and added my touch to it. It was too cute and it is nice to know you made it. The reception tent was beautiful! Most of the table cloths were white so it allowed everything we picked out to really pop. The candy bar was great because not everyone was a fan of cake. And the cake had a ribbon of frosting streaming up it so it looked like the vintage car cake topper had driven up the cake. Everything just fell into place. Though my favorite detail was not an object, it was how we walked down the aisle. My two flower girls were the daughters of two of my bridesmaids. So the line started with my matron of honor and then followed with the bridesmaid and her daughter with the flower pillow. Then the next bridesmaid went with her daughter carrying the flower petals. Finally, it was my mother who gave me away or as she puts it, “leant me to him”. You know mothers they never want to let go of their daughters. I just thought it was beautiful to see the mothers with their daughters and then me with my mother. It was funny because I usually don’t have stage freight but as I was walking down the aisle I was so nervous I was shaking. However, when my mother handed me over to Josh I felt a calm come over me. I don’t remember word for word what we said I just remember looking into his eyes. Like I said it felt like dream. Of course you are going to have your hiccups at your wedding, but as long as you’re marrying the right person nothing else matters.

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