23 August 2012

Mod-Sixties Love Shoot by Leah Kua Photography

An adorable mod-sixties love shoot by Leah Kua graces the blog this morning. Hope you enjoy this shoot as much as we did!

About the couple: High school sweethearts........that's us. We met at the age of 15 in year 2000, we dated briefly for a few months, it wasn't anything too serious until the end of 2002 when we gave it a second shot. We look back now and wonder where the years have gone? So much has happened, yet we still feel like young teenagers who have just fallen in love. They do say time goes by fast when your having fun. It has been 10 years this November of love and friendship that we have been sharing with one another, November is also the month of our wedding anniversary. This year we will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. We are lovers of warm weather, summer nights, the ocean, good food, dancing, fashion, family, friends and making new traditions.

About their shoot: Our beloved shoot was so very special to the both of us, we were so lucky to have Leah Kua (www.leahkua.com.au) capture our love. It is never an easy task being in front of the camera, but with Leah she is so sweet and kind and there is this warmth about her that makes you feel at ease. Her creative mind has no limits, she creates amazing images and stories, rain hail or shine. You can see it's not a job for her, it is so much more, her images ooze with feelings and emotions. She portrayed our happiness and love in the exact same way that we feel it. Leah's style is clean, crisp and always so pretty, she is a very talented lady and is driven by the love and connection. The mod sixties styling was created by Olivera from Sorry I'm Late(www.sorryimlatebyolivera.blogspot.com.au), it is so true to who we are, lovers of colour, print, texture, vintage and retro influences. We let her artistic mind run wild and she created such an amazing look for us as a couple and really thought about who we are. From head to sock she thought it over carefully, every accessory and detail was just exquisite. Evy from Evy's Beauty Parlour (www.facebook.com/evysbeautyparlour) finished the look off with a modern twist on sixties hair and makeup, beehive, flicked eyes, full lashes, popping lips and of course the slick quiff. Evy is incredibly sweet and she truly lives the gift she has been given. She is a perfectionist and a lover of all eras of hair and makeup. Someone who takes so much pride in her apperance makes people feel so confident and comfortable in her hands. The overall experience was just an amazing day filled with sunshine laughter and love, thanks to all the talented ladies involved in creating beautiful memories for us.

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