20 August 2012

Southern California Engagement Session by Ashley Tingley Photography

I might be a little biased but I think that Southern California engagement sessions are the best. Gorgeous lighting and so many beautiful and unique locations.. you just can't go wrong. This lovely engagement session was photographed by Ashley Tingley Photography and she did such a beautiful job!
Their love story: Christian and Regan met six years ago while on a mission trip with their church. Throughout the trip they enjoyed serving the Lord together and getting to know one another but strictly as friends because both were in relationships with other people. After the trip, the two exchanged hellos and engaged in brief conversation in passing on a Sunday morning at their church. This went on for about three years. One day after not seeing each other for about five months Christian and Regan ran into each other again. After realizing that they had not talked or seen each other for awhile they decided to hang out and catch up on what was going on in each other's lives. They discovered they both had Disneyland passes and decided to go together. While at Disneyland they enjoyed great conversation and hearing about what was going on in each others lives the past couple of months. After a few more times of hanging out, Christian told Regan he was beginning to develop feelings for her. Regan was unsure but wanted to keep hanging out. Over the course of 6 months Christian asked Regan out 3 different times and was turned down by Regan everytime. Christian hung in there and his patience paid off, Regan was finally ready and held his hand first. This went on for a couple of months and eventually she told him when she was ready to kiss because Christian didn't want to overstep his boundaries or rush anything. One day after the first kiss, Regan and Christian were officially a couple!

The proposal: Christian was leaving for a three month trip to help missionaries oversees in Ireland. He didn't want to leave the country that long without sealing the deal with Regan so he proposed to her on their 1 year anniversary. Christian took Regan to San Diego to celebrate their anniversary (or so she thought!) for the day. Eventually he took her to the Hotel De Coronado and showed her around the hotel and eventually onto the private beach. He then got down on one knee and asked her! Surprised and excited Regan happily accepted and the rest is history!

About their engagement session: We took our engagement photos in beautiful San Juan Capistrano. We love how old and quaint the little town is. We started in an open field we found off the side of the road that was filled with wildflowers which really gave us the natural, country feel we wanted. After an outfit change we moved to the historic Los Rios Street, the oldest neighborhood in California. At this location we took pictures at the train station and the cute vintage shops which was perfect for the old town feel that we both love. Ashley was such a pleasure to work with she made us both feel comfortable in front of the camera. We had such a great time just being who we are that it was easy to forget about being in front of a camera. We are thrilled with the pictures!

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