16 August 2012

Southern California Love Shoot by Shea Christine Photography

A beautiful love shoot of my dear friend, Valentina and her husband, by the talented Shea Christine Photography. The location, the colors.. just beautiful.

About the couple: 
We've been married a little over 2 years. We love to hang out at home relaxing and watching tv. We also love spending time with friends!

What he loves about her:
I love that she is my best friend. She has a great sense of humor, some of my favorite memories with her are when we both cannot stop laughing together. I love that she is smart, beautiful, and a very passionate person. She truly is a wonderful wife to have!

What she loves about him:

I love how much he makes me laugh! I heard once that you should marry a guy who makes you laugh and Matt does that so well. I also love how passionate, caring and generous he is. I love that he loves me and reminds me about it all the time. He's a pretty awesome guy!

About their shoot:
Shea, our friend from Florida, came to stay at our place in Cali for a few days. I absolutely love her work and as a photographer I have truly learned to understand the value of photography. I had told Matt I wanted to do a shoot of us every year and Shea happened to come a couple of days right before our anniversary. It was seriously perfect timing! We also got to take our first family photo with our puppy. I loved this session so much!

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