15 August 2012

The Ring Bearer + The Flower Girl by Wyn Wiley Photography

Oh me, oh my... not sure if I can get over how stinkin adorable these set of images photographed by the ever so talented, Wyn Wiley, are. Aren't these two little ones just way too cute for words? AHH! I just want to hug them and pinch their sweet little cheeks.

From Wyn: The set of images with the bride, ring bearer and flower girl actually happened quite spontaneously! We popped outside of the reception for a few quick images and before i knew it, we spent a good 15 minutes outside letting the kiddos just go for it and have fun doing what they do best- looking freakin adorable and being crazy! As a wedding photographer, it's my philosophy to create unique, fun, creative and most of all real images. I've found there's no better way to make this happen then to let people be people. By that I mean, let people (and little people like these guys) pose and interact naturally. In my photographic experience, I think the best shots I've captured have always come from candid moments and spontaneity; I let the day happen, and people have fun- we get nothing but awesome images. 

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