31 October 2012

Fullerton Arboretum Wedding by Kaysha Weiner Photography

A sweet DIY garden wedding at the Fullerton Arboretum by the ever so lovely, Kaysha Weiner Photography graces our blog this morning. So many gorgeous images that you just have to see for yourself! Thank you Kaysha for sharing this wedding with us!

Jackie and Josh's wedding was epic! From all the DIY touches, to the crazy romantic story of how Jackie and Josh met. This day was overflowing with love, excitement and family at the center of it all. Whenever couples find one another on the other side of the world, I can’t help but think it was meant to be! This was certainly the case with Jackie and Josh, who met while in the Congo! He was a Marine stationed there, and she was working on research…. one thing led to another and they fell in love in Africa. You always hear that brides want to preserve their wedding dress so their daughter can wear it at her wedding. Styles change, and in most cases the mother’s dress is never used again… but not with Jackie! “My wedding dress has a story. Working with a sewing machine and by hand, my grandmother’s sister and my great-grandmother designed and created a wedding dress in anticipation of Beatrice’s wedding. It was 1950 in Morocco, Sultan Mohammed V ruled the French protectorate, and my grandmother was 20 years old. Beatrice married my grandfather, Alain, in Safi, Morocco. Twenty four years and several continents later, my grandmother bent over her sewing machine to create my mother’s wedding dress, basing it on her own dress’s pattern. In 1974, my mother married my father Dennis in Bellflower, California. Nixon had just resigned, radios were blasting Bowie, lines for gasoline snaked around corners, and the cool guys were rocking sideburns. Today, in Fullerton, California. I honor my grandmother and mother by wearing this dress. 

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