15 October 2012

How to create the perfect submission for Le Magnifique

I've been thinking a lot lately about the submissions I've received over the past year and what I love about my submission process and what needs improvement. While there is a page on this blog that lists all the guidelines for submitting to us, I thought writing a post on the topic would be a great way to help any photographer wanting to submit to us. I hope you find this helpful!

I do my best to respond to all submissions I receive within a week of receiving it but keep in mind that I do work a full-time day job in addition to running this blog and I'm pregnant with twins (17 weeks so far) and all I want to do when I get home is sleep. BUT that doesn't mean that I don't want your submission or anything. It just means that if a week has passed and you have not heard from me, please email me to see what's going on (I may have gone into an early hibernation.. ya know, with winter coming).

  1. The minimum required number of images. I prefer "too many images" as opposed to "not enough". I don't ever use all the images but I like having a variety of images to select from to create the perfect post. A typical wedding feature will contain anywhere from 35-60 images (individual and collaged). Weddings require at least 100 images, engagement sessions/anniversary sessions require at least 40 images, and styled shoots require at least 75 images.
  2. Images that tell a story of the day. I love it when I receive submissions that tell a story of the couple's wedding day. This meaning, images from the start of the day to the end of the day - all the images should flow together.
  3. Images that are in order. From start of the day to the end of the day. Not mixed up. Enough said.
  4. The right type of images. I love featuring images of the couple, details from their wedding day, images of the venue(s). I do not like featuring of wedding guests. Some of the type of images that I typically look for are: detail images, wedding dress/shoes/veil/accessories, venue(s) without guests, cake, favors, bride & groom, bridal party, and invitations/stationary. The more different images there are, the happier I am.
  5. Most/all vendors listed. If the vendor's work/product is in an image you are submitting, make sure they are listed! Nothing is worse than having a reader ask who designed the wedding dress and I cannot answer. Two Bright Lights makes it super easy to add the vendors to a submission. If you are submittin through email, please make sure to list all the vendors AND their websites. Most of the time, I don't have the time to go and Google vendors to get their links (and sometimes there are more than just one with the same name).
  6. Details about the wedding day. If submitting through Two Bright Lights, please do not leave the Album Info empty (get some information from the couple - how they met or the proposal story if an engagement session, details about their wedding day or favorite wedding day moment if a wedding, or the vision of the shoot if submitting a styled/inspirational shoot).
  7. Completed survey within time frame.  Upon review of the submission, if accepted, we will ask that a survey is sent to the couple to be completed within a week. If a week passes and we have not received anything from the couple, chances are that the submission will be rejected.
The perfect submission is what makes my life a little bit easier. It doesn't mean that if you submit a wedding that doesn't have 100 images that it will be rejected. Or if not all vendors are listed, it will be rejected. The guidelines for a perfect submission are there to help you know what I am looking for.


I really love establishing relationships with photographers and other wedding vendors. I can't tell you how many friendships have been formed with some of the photographers who have submitted to Le Magnifique. It's so great!! So, please don't be shy to shoot me an email to ask questions or raise a concern. I really do love hearing from the photographers who submit to me!

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