15 October 2012

Santa Ynez Mountains Love Shoot by I Heart My Groom Photography

This sun-kissed love shoot by I Heart My Groom took place in the beautiful hills of Santa Barbara at the gorgeous ruins of Knapp's Castle

From I Heart My Groom: Madison and her husband, Ammon were happily married in May of 2009. There weren't many photos of just the two of them captured on their actual wedding day so this was an attempt to reconcile the situation so they could have some photos to hang on their wall to remember the day they were married. This just so happened to be around their anniversary so to celebrate their 3 years of marriage so I took them up to Knapps Castle in Santa Barbara, CA for a photo session! They wanted to do something over the top as far as location and Knapps Castle is certainly a great spot. They have a love of collecting robots that started from a recent trip to China, so I incorporated them into the photos as well.

From the bride: Ammon and I were married just over three years ago in Oakhurst, California. We had a very small and beautiful wedding up in the hills and love every minute of it. The day was so busy that we unfortunately didn't have many bride and groom portraits taken. After a few years we started to look around for a photographer in Santa Barbara to take us up the mountain into our own back yard. Ammon and I loved the idea of going up to Knapps Castle in the Santa Ynez Mountains, overlooking the Santa Ynez River Valley. The sandstone ruins are the remnants of a remote mountain retreat and couldn't have been a better location to take Ammon and I back to the day that we got married. We had so much fun getting to play dress up again. I still had butterflies for the second time when I got into my dress and he saw me again. Ammon is my better half and we are so blessed to have spent the evening with a very dear and talented friend who truly captured our love story.

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