08 November 2012

Picnic Style Wedding by Bethany Belle Photography

I'm not sure what I love more about this wedding: the fact that it was casual yet beautiful or that they had large board games. This sweet Southern California wedding was photographed by Bethany Belle Photography. She did such a wonderful job capturing every moment of this wedding. Thanks Bethany for sharing this wedding with us!

From the bride: There were so many special moments in our day, its hard to condense all my thoughts, but i'll try!!:) Here we go! Okay so everything about the day... Growing up with a pastor for a dad I went to a ton of weddings. And I was always soooo bored! So I decided that I wanted my day to be different, I wanted it to have a little something for everyone and for people of all ages to have fun! I thought that the feel of a big family picnic would be great! The day after we got engaged I started on the DIY projects. I'm one of those people who sees something on etsy or pinterest and decides that they can do that same thing on their own. Most of the projects were really fun ( like making my bouquet, the dessert table decor, and all the signs), a few of the projects got a liiitle overwhelming, like for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to hand paint and decorate 300 cloths pins... That didn't last very long. I wasn't the only one who got all crafty though, my dad and sister made the scrabble board and checkers board and my mom did all the bean bags and sticks that held the dessert signs! It was a big family effort. The wedding day is such a happy blissful blur. I honestly don't remember much of the day just a few happy snap shots. The morning was full of so much activity all my friends and family setting up, me and my ladies getting ready, kids running around laughing. It was one of my favorite parts of the day. My two favorite memories were when my dad saw me for the first time and when I got to look through all the crowds if people and see the smiling face of the man who I willing to put up with me and protect me and be my best friend for he rest of my life. It was also pretty great when our first dance song came on, Tim picked it and didnt tell be what it was, but it was THE perfect song. It was "When you got a good thing" By Lady Antebellum. Pretty much over all I just loved our wedding :)

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