25 November 2012

Rainy Day Engagement Session by Valentina Glidden Photography

Here at LM, we love a pretty and fun engagement session. Like this one taken by Valentina Glidden Photography. The couple didn't expect it to rain during their engagement session and thought someone was playing a joke on them because it had also rained during the proposal. But despite the rain, wet clothes, and wet hair, Valentina and this couple did a fabulous job!

Rainy Day Engagement Session by Valentina Glidden Photography
Their love story: Josh and I met in college. We quickly became friends, and within a couple of months began dating. Over the past four years we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of our loved one. Through this process we have fell deeper and deeper in love. We are best friends, and we can't wait to vow our lives to each other!

The proposal: Josh took me to our favorite local restaurant for a celebration dinner because I had just passed my teaching certification exams. Afterwards we were supposed to go to my favorite dessert place. When Josh missed the turn, I quickly asked him why we were not going to Jeremiahs Italian Ice. His response was, "I have something much better planned." As soon as he said this, I knew what was happening. I naturally started crying, but tried to hide my tears while looking out the window. Josh drove us to this beautiful condo on the Banana River where he had flowers, pictures, wine, and cheese set up for us. We were supposed to watch the sunset, but it was storming terribly. Thankfully the condo had a covered balcony, so we were still able to enjoy the patio. It was at this time that Josh told me he had written two speeches: one if the sun was setting, and another if it was storming (because we don't have the greatest luck with rain, as you can tell). He told me how he hoped we would have the rest of our lives to spend watching sunsets. At this time he got on one knee and asked me to be his wife!

About their engagement session: Our engagement session was a blast! At first I couldn't believe it was actually raining. I thought someone was playing a joke on us because it rained during our proposal. Valentina is an amazing photographer and she brings so much energy and passion to her shoots. Because of this, she turned our rainy day into a romantic, slightly sexy shoot! We had so much fun, and adore our rainy pictures.

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