20 December 2012

Orange Grove Engagement Session by Laura Goldenberger Photography

Totally loving this SoCal orange grove engagement session by Laura Goldenberger Photography. From the poses to the locations to the outfits (did someone say "tulle skirt"?), this engagement session will sure inspire you! Thank you Laura for sharing this with us!

From the couple: Craig and I had the best time shooting our engagement session with Laura! We brainstormed for weeks on location and concepts. Ultimately, we decided to shoot at our wedding venue (Orcutt Ranch in West Hills, CA) and in Box Canyon just up the road from there. It was a blast styling the shoot and I decided to make the giant tutu skirt to add a little whimsy. We wanted some unique shots and Laura was so game to explore! We had so much fun trespassing in a junkyard and an old abandoned cabin and got some pretty amazing shots from these illicit adventures. Overall, the day was an absolute joy. Laura really put us at ease and we were able to completely be ourselves, relax and have fun!

Their love story: We are both originally from Denver but we did not meet until we sat next to each other at work in Los Angeles. For two years we sat side by side, bonding over demanding clients and late hours and becoming close friends. Slowly, I (Cori) began to realize that my feelings were turning from like to love. Although I fought the urge to cross the line for months, inevitably I couldn't hold back anymore and planted a big kiss on him at our friend's birthday party. The rest is history.

The proposal: Craig made a scrapbook full of poems that served as the guide to a scavenger hunt. Each poem led me to a location that was meaningful to our relationship. From the desks where we originally sat to the location of our first kiss, we took a trip down memory lane documenting each spot with a photograph. The actual proposal occurred in a little park where he had first said "I love you" during a summer solstice picnic four years earlier. After the proposal, we celebrated at our favorite restaurant and at our local gelato shop.

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