17 December 2012

Rainy Day Colorado Engagement Session by Ali & Garrett

A rainy day engagement session.. who doesn't love that? This pretty little shoot was sent to us by Ali & Garrett and I'm excited to share it with y'all! Be sure to read the couple's love story and proposal! Super cute :) Thanks for sharing, Ali!

From the bride: Our engagement session was fantastic! Jed is not the kind of person to just jump in front of a camera & smile for everyone. He's usually very camera shy, so it was hard to even convince him to even do an engagement session at all. Ali made it so easy for both of us to relax and be ourselves in front of the camera, especially Jed. Once we got to the location it was pouring down rain, and instead of worrying about my hair that I just so perfectly curled, we decided to embrace it and take our photos in the rain. Not only did it give them a super romantic feel, we had such a great time in the rain. And what girl doesn't like to be kissed in the rain :)

Their love story: Jed & I have known each other since sixth grade (even though he will claim he doesn't remember me in middle school...I've showed him our picture taken together for proof). Back then, Jed & one of our teachers decided to come up with a clever nick name for me that rhymed with my last name, Veney...you can only imagine what it was. This nickname stuck with me all of these years making it impossible for me to forget meeting Jed. In high-school, Jed went from the kid who nicknamed me to a good friend of mine. As I'd let him cheat in class off my papers and get me in trouble or moved for talking, I secretly (at least it was supposed to be a secret) had a crush on him. I would invite him over to my house or to the go-kart track where he met my family, who by the way, loved him right away. At one point I was brave enough to tell him how I felt about him, but this did not go over the way I had imagined it. Like most teenage boys, he had an immature response of, "I might like you that way if you weren't so tall". So we stayed friends instead, but I remember at 15 telling my best friend that one day I knew I'd end up marrying him (after he had a growth spurt of course). As time went on, we eventually went our separate ways, not talking or seeing each other. About 4 years later, we reconnected and went out for a drink as friends and immediately hit it off. We started hanging out more often where hanging out morphed into dating each other without us even realizing it. Over the next 3 years we continued to date, going through some of the best times of my life and a few curve balls that life threw at us only making us stronger.

The proposal: the proposal was a complete surprise to me, but only me. Jed had the proposal planned out for almost 2 months before he actually popped the question. Everyone from family and friends knew about it and did a great job at keeping it a secret from me. Jed had me convinced that it would be at least another 3 years before he could see himself getting married. I was disappointed to have to wait that long, but I knew he would be worth the wait. Little did I know he was already planning the proposal. On Christmas Eve my parents & I were celebrating the holiday at with Jed's family. This was the day he proposed. Since he had me so convinced that he wasn't ready, I was caught completely by surprise. I made him ask again to prove to me he wasn't joking around. Once I realized this was the real deal, I immediately said yes & was beyond excited. This was when I was told that everyone already knew what was happening. My family was so excited to be gaining a son-in-law like Jed & my dad couldn't have been happier that Jed had asked both of my parents for their blessing first. I can honestly say that even if I had to wait another 3 years, Jed would have been well worth the wait...but I'm so happy that I don't need to!

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